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merry christmas x

new tee’s @ copson st

Prince Willy T

Boo yah and a royal wave! Copson St presents the Prince Willy T’s (<<<<<<order via that link)¬†uncannily at the same time as the Royal Wedding goes public, fuck me them lot are well informed ;) I however on the lateness of this post am obviously not, William you have some explaining to do, call me!

sex in my frontroom….

sex in 2 cities

Did that grab your attention? Perverts, read on to cleanse your soul….


Prince’ll make me feel a lickle bit betta’

Mondays are grim without the added hassle of life getting in the way, unfortunately this Monday so far life is all up in my face! Dealing with it very adult-like (for a change) which has included piles of papers, numerous phone-calls and my old friend Itunes Shuffle :P (more…)


Oh i am ashamed, thought i loved him so, much more than anyone i know…but how could i when i didnt even know about this track. Q-tip and Prince?!?! (more…)

Blondie x The Muppet Show

Sio nuff again with some Youtube gems, she really needs to start posting to my blog. The only programme that would have me in a trance as a kid from the opening credits, The Muppet Show! Man i get such a goey feel good feeling when i hear the theme tune and recall all the characters and amazing A- list special guests. Jim Henson was a bad man of course Sesame Street kicked arse as well but The Muppets had an,they had Keith Moon styled drummers (Animal), fatal attraction females (Miss Piggy), grumpy old hater-ade drinkers (Statler & Waldorf) come on now, this is classic childrens entertainment. Best thing about this clip, well 2 best things about the above are 1) her lilac jumpsuit with sequined shoulders, i want 2) Muppets on backing vocals, that is an all time career high which im promptly adding to my life goal list…Perform at Madison Square Gardens, write and sing a Bond single, duet with Prince and have the Muppets on backing vocals during a tv special….sick!