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solid potato salad

What, why, when and who? You might ask after watching this routine….dam i cant even touch me toes (only joking)! Answers after the jump, big up my crazy s&b girl Pippi for this link  :)


The weakest excuse!

Sio nuff passed on this lovely news story from this weeks broadsheets…the funniest and also weakest excuse ever! The picture is a bit blurred so for the full weakness of this excuse go here!

The Bollywood Harry Potter!

 Hari Puttar a comedy of terrors…

Who ever thought of this is a f**king genius..the fact that Warner couldn’t even bring a court case against it is classic! Hari Puttar is the story of a young boy from India who moves to England and becomes involved in a plan to save the world….sound familiar? A high court didn’t seem to think so meaning this genius piece of Bollywood cinematic ripping is getting released in India at the end of the month…i’ll be ovguide-ing this v soon ;)