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thank you annie :)

Just managed to catch Annie Macs show from 9th July before it dissapeared from the BBC system this weekend, gotta say a really big thank you for such lovely chat on the Netsky track also heard Funkbutcher vs Btch Pls ‘Rob ya for ya shoes’, Mac ya LARGE!

How to Corkscrew….

Tara Karina - How to Corkscrew
Buffing up my youtube Manchester Music playlist and found this Waiwan remix of Midnight being used as a backing track for a pole dancing instructional video from Tara Karina! (more…)

Notes on ‘Notes on Breakcore’

Too many thoughts to keep to myself when watching this breakcore documentary thought i’d jot them down here, maybe you can guess which bits im talking about whilst getting to know all about this underground scene.

- People in the crowd don’t seem to know how to dance
- Yes i have heard of Venetian Snares
- UG *cough* ly