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gurl crush – kelis

I dont wanna say anything that will detract from the effortless cuteness dripping from this picture.

heart break cakes

Perfect for soaking up tears

in my own little world

remembering berlin

berlin homies

Its cold there, probably colder than it is in Manchester right now but i still miss it and all its little surprises ;)


the eternal fly……

Saw this in the news yeaterday made me smile, Yasuhiro Suzukis’ Zip Boat…the seas like a huge pair of jeans!

cupcakes – mmmmmmm

Cakes photos

I made them then me and him decorated them (we got more creative towards the end) they were space-tastic and covered in marshmallows & Icing, then we took photos of them, before battering the whole tray!

Cakes close (more…)

playing with lego

lego green face

Finally technology catches up with my childhood obsession! Lego Photo for IPhone is free and currently my fav app from the store.  (more…)

I am a force of the past – Zilda


Browsing some of my usual blogs whilst waking up slowly over a cup of coffee. Always seem to hit up Unurth first… (more…)

Sigur Ros Free CD!

Im not the maddest fan but i saw this email advert and just fell in love with the picture, the angle is so off key it makes me smile :) Definately gonna pick up a copy of the Independant tomorrow and check out the  best of their 3 albums on a free CD, then stick the cover somewhere ill see it everyday :)