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R.I.P accessories….

RIP Lost stuff

This year touring with the Qemists has took me all over the place, we’ve played and partied quite hard, in so many cities & clubs it was inevitable that some of my possesions were gonna go walkabouts. This is just a small dedication to some of my favourite pieces no longer with us, well no longer with me some lucky f**kers found them…hope their being nice to my babies! (more…)

Song F.T. Day – NFA

Youtube djin a gwarn over here in Tokyo, tame afterparty in Leon Q’s room after the Ninjatune scrannathon has seen a myriad of styles and tastes searched and played for all in attendance. Reactions have been straight up hate from my fellow Canadians Thunderheist, love for the weird and technologically broke from Yppah and good old fashioned rock out by the Qemists on Red Fang…however after pissing each other off with the song genres we decided to start choosing dope ass videos that would please everyone. This was my little gem all the way from OZ part of the previously blogged DreamKatchers, N’fa. Strictly for us those who love this “artform hearts worn on our sleeve!”

Sayonara Jenna Ration G

Cereal Killer – Fruit Loops

Cereal in the UK is so boring i stopped eating it for breakfast and munchies a while back. Occasionally ill take in a box of Special K or Cookie Crunch if i can find em but its not something i crave in the morning (unlike my vanilla n hazelnut blend, gimmie coffee!) even the fun size boxes stolen from buffet breakfasts lost there thrill… (more…)