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sunny sunday sounds

Whilst everyone else its appears is in Croatia right now im consoling myself with this mix from the very talented Mr Ruckspin, got my beach towel out in the back yard and a cocktail or two on hand. Eyes closed they’ll be no difference #yeahright! Shouts to all festival massive enjoying the sun and sounds right now, salute to the summer or at least a sporadic sunny manchester day :)

arena dnb teaser

Just a little slice of the very fun night n Budapest back in March, big luv to the Arena DNB crew you lot are straight classy cant wait to see the full thing ;)

outlook launch party romania

OOOooooo spring will soon be sprung making summer not that far away which means only one thing FESTIVALS! Playing at the Outlook Launch party in Budapest on March 24th with Phaleh & Sukh Knight! Looking forward to partying with the Arena DnB crew and being back in the country, this time getting to see the capital!

sunday slouching – finest hour

Been trawling through the internet today feasting my ears on Submotion Orchestra after catching them live last night at Vagabondz in Leeds. Truely awesome sound, amazing players, beautiful singer…i dont care if im late im just glad i found them :) Check em out for yourself at Outlook this year amongst loads of other places, i suggest if you havent go do it now…or as soon as possible :)