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tonights oscars outfit….

Black for the Oscars

Ok im up to date with my film list and concentrating on the lighter preparations for tonights impending ceremony, such as my outfit! Black, black and black this year it just seems appropriate…… by the way i will do very bad things to actually get my hands on the Piers Atkinson hat or any of the AW 2010 collection….ehem!

halfway there…

The clock is a ticking (look right) to the Oscars, past midweek and im halfway through enormous list of films up for awards at this Sundays ceremony. The Lovely Bones (Best Actor Leading Role)& An Education(Best Picture, Best Actress Leading Role & Screenplay) are the latest addition to the watched list. You want a quick one word review…..YAY & UGH…. (more…)

id like to foster ben

Its the Oscars countdown!!! MY FAVOURITE AWARDS CEREMONY ever, oh the glitz, the glam, the red carpet to end all red carpets, the fashion disasters, the ridiculous speeches (which this year the producer has threatened to cut extremely, and broadcast backstage via the web, ugh party pooper!). Standard procedure next sunday night will be firing up the Ichat with @thegiftd in NYC, discussing the trans-atlantic syncing issues with the E! channel, making sure im locked onto a working TV stream for the main show (the BBC no longer broadcasting the awards is a travesty and frankly not what i pay my license fee for), loading up the Oscar twitter feed (via E! or and sitting back fingers poised to bitch my way through the ceremony, PERFECT! Preparation is simple watch all movies up for awards, including the shorts/animations and docs….routing for Rabbit A La Berlin for the latter this year obviously.  I began familiarizing myself last night and watched Nine ( Original Song, Art Direction, Costume, Supporting Actress) & The Messenger which sees Woody Harrelson nominated for Best supporting Actor, no nomination though for my long time obsession and much deserved Ben Foster… (more…)

The gayest Oscars?

That’s what their saying and while i think its silly to suggest the politically incorrect theme ran through out the whole event, looking back i can’t help but agree. Jay’s Glamostrator, Mickeys RIP Lowki trinket, the peer on peer loving in nominations, Harry’s insanely high pitched interviewing technique and all the points raised when reading Gawker today! Their Top 10 is spot on with my own personal highlights of the event except the order and one little faux pas, they missed out the dude that came on after the Ledger Family tear-jerker of an acceptance speech. I cant find it anywhere online yet so i actually might have been the only one who laughed out of shock and cringed at the audacity of his terrible sense of humor!

‘Wow, the whole place is in tears and im up next!’

LMFAO, so inappropriate but 10 points for effort Mr. I also most definately would have put Pineapple Express ripping The Reader nearer the top the whole skit was genius!!