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A classic scene in Lego

Browsing blogs pre-black presidency and found this by Gizmodo. A classic and a fun way to welcome in an ocean of change, better than that bloody prayer!! I hear every VIP is present in the crowd even Oprah Winfrey, genius. Thanks Marcus, check out his post for more pictures!!

Oushka Duncan

Wow, im in awe and inspired to get out my felt tips and biros…such beautiful sketch work, looks kidlike at times and Gaudi-esque at others, amazing! Just seen the Saw poster yesterday which struck the living fear of god into me, so weird to discover Oushka as Artist of the Week the very next day who drew the inspiration for the poster…Picked out my favourites from the post over at C’est La Vie where you can check out the rest at your leisure.


Its a whole new world…..

Wow i can’t f**kin believe it, he won, he won! History just happened and i watched it!! OMG OMG this is the first thing that came to mind…i know its disney but its perfect, just like his speech, the campaign, the votes, the whole evening, THANK YOU AMERICA!!

Midnight at Situation HQ

Ok so election day is in full swing, Slugworth is doubling up as a pundit on CNN (top pic in middle). 7pm in the evening state side and the votes are coming in thick and fast….not looking good so far for Obama but theres a fair few more hours of voting and results to go. Loving being holed up in the hotel with Sam, Nic and Orly so far debates have covered the obvious…Obama the black hope, racism in America, chav styles of the UK, Wiley and his professionalism, Sarah Palin’s stupidity and the styling errors in the new Virus Syndicate video….breathe and theres still 4 more hours to go!

Crank dat election!

Just another example of election fever sweeping the states ahead of the big day on Tuesday. This is f**king amazing, their kids, sorry children and their singing about politics! We never got this involved in anything more than an assembly or Martin Luther King memorial in my high school. Lyrics smack it and give you the complete run down on McCain & Obama’s policies, a lot easier than reading the papers!! Its Edutainment at is best and i bet you’ll be singing along by the second chorus, heres the guide sheet!

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah


International Relations…

Landed in Caracas yesterday afternoon for just one night we stayed at a hotel near the airport before we fly out in an hour  to Buenos Aires for our gig at +160. Ended up in a lovely little bar last night some where in town, Teatro sticking out like sore thumbs amongst the locals. It seems everyone here speaks Spanish and not that much English which could have been a problem however thanks to a special ingredient the night went swimmingly and I left the bar with more contacts than I ever had on an English night out! The language barrier was smashed and best friends were made thanks to no other than Guitar Hero World Tour, in fact I think if John Mccain had of played drums on ‘One by One’ or sung ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ to the USA instead of hiring Palin at $53,000 for her hair stylist,  we wouldn’t be wearing Obama t-shirts right now. Seriously this game is the dope shit when it comes to international relations, we had the whole place booing and cheering accordingly even though we couldn’t understand each other off the mic! Guitar Hero for president of the UN that’s what I say….One World Tour for all!

Roll on election night!

NBC Rip!

Im not that up my politics…all i know is that they have power and we mean nothing to them. The USA election however is as good as celebrity gossip so i’ve got a few things to say about that….not as eloquently as my good friend Samantha who will be in the UK (home) for election night. In tru ‘shes turned American, lets have a party for anything’ style shes made banners (ok their just pictures but still) and organised a party/gathering at an exclusive Manchester hotel, where the focus will be the incoming election results live on CNN and the liquor keeping our debating well watered! Im soooo looking foward to this, more times cause i havent seen Sam in ages but also cause i believe talking about politics will make me seem grown up, lol and feel mad irresonsible lately! Not even gonna get into it on here, saving the passionate debate for the confines of the hotel room on the 4th of November. If you are an American and havent yet registered DO IT, Benson…and if you need convincing to get involved check out Sams political boffing!