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she was a walrus?

The beautiful voice of Jesse Boykins III might be familiar to you from his work with Theophilus London or Machine Drum , if not make sure you check out this awesome new talent making waves in NYC. This video for Amorous taken from the album Beauty Created (out now) and was filmed during his first trip to these shores, to perform his in london. Check out a lovely interview with the man himself over at PJ‘s. In the meantime can some one clarify if he’s saying ‘she’s a walrus in the chorus’….it cant be it doesnt make any sense…unless the lady in subject is huge…lol!

i’ll make stew out of you!

So last night one of my oldest friends dropped round whilst Lords of the Underground were playing in the background, cue a 3 hour Youtube fest of all the tracks we used to bang insanely back in the day. Soooooooo many artists i forgot and soooooo many tracks that still KILL IT! So let us begin i got STFD for days on the 90′s tip! Raw Breed – Rabbit Stew, what you know bout this? (more…)

SFTD worst comes to worst – dilated peoples

In honour of my sisters Jared Leto lookalike 20 year old boyfriend (who is quite obsessed with hip-hop) but dedicated to all the people that come first in my life. Classic track from the Dilated Peoples, hope enjoy.

Have a nice day ya’ll ;)

recreational memories

sio me and jimmy -)

More odes to Siobhan…yes it is hitting me hard ;) (more…)

poo, im gonna miss you

Sio x Poo

Dana Lauren Goldstein

Jailbait Core by Dana Goldstein

The latest Vice emailer has a link to an interesting collection of photos entitled Jailbait-Core by Dana Lauren Goldstein. I like her style the title (genius!)and subjects instantly intrigued and unnerved me, i guess without the theme the pictures would seem quite innocent and i wouldn’t feel so guilty looking at them… (more…)

Electro Vertigo or Tecktonik?

Im drunk and you tubing randomness, in particular the dancing style known as Electro Vertigo or Tecktonik….as seen in a previous post Yelle’s A Cause Des Garcons…theres so many videos including one with the dude from Amelie and Angel A, Jamel Debbouze.


HussainDeyn x Nylon

Just started reading Nylon last year, picked up copies in Oz and the US, instantly hooked by its broad coverage of fashion, art and music in its electic and kooky style. So dope then to see some Manny representaton in there from HussainDeyn. Emily (Deyn) and i met on the set of The Shapeshifters video shoot for New Day, a far cry from the epi centre of cool in which she now resides. Alongside her partner in art crime they have tittilated my senses since moving back to Manchester (where they met at Uni) with such projects as Combination of Space and Zone me, Zone you amongst others. Moving swiftly on to the t-shirt game im all about getting my hands on one of these little beauties from their latest project Long May She Reign which debuted at the Anna Sui NYC fashion week show. Have to agree with the girls, Queen Liz is totally the original G, shame about the rest of the clan!

Nu Tropic said Jden…

Lovin the interaction this week on the blog, i know ya’ll are reading the humble mumblings i make public here thanks to google analytics but getting a reaction is so much more fun…even if some of you are my actual friends…i thank you ;) Anyways Jden commented on this post suggesting i check out a group call Nu Tropic. So i follow the myspace link and im really feeling track 3 on the player Que Linda Mi Cuba sun up or down on a beach or in an open space city bound kinda track. Roof top house party with fairy lights and stunning guests sums up this little gem…sorry im still feeling very NYC after watching Sex n City Movie *sigh happy sigh*. Oh and Jennifer Hudson, close but no cigar love!! I digress…. big up to Jden for the heads up im on the hunt for the last 2 tracks on the player my definate fav’s :)

Kate Moross has a cool gif!


The young british creative was featured on myspace today….very interesting even more so cause i found this awesome gif at the bottom of her page, long live the pink :)

I want!

Mixa websiteI want that one

One of these mad cute little cassette tape USBs from Mixa, they are the fooking bomb with a retractable USB plug, the ultimate retro look for these modern times. Thanks Scatton for the heads up…now gimmie one ;)