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Fishnet Supras in Store!

Got back to Manchester¬†from¬†London last night only to discover Note had a delivery when i was away…Nooooooooooooooo! Called this morning they still have my size in….oooo wee love them Fishnets baby, sexy sneakers for those underwear moments, i’ll take these over a pair of Lebrons anyday! Hurry as hot as these are they wont be around for long im off to get me a pair right now ;)

‘Manc Union’ new design and reprints @ Note

Heard on the grapevine yesterday that Manc Union had a new design in store today at Note. Its definately another one for those 80′s babies but not as hot as the DMC design. Been dying to get my hands on one of those designs for far too long, they had w/b/grey mens tee’s, hoodies and womens tee’s and racer back vests with the Mcfly print on black in mens hoodies and tee’s. I opted for the crisp white classic design n the mens fit cause they girls didnt have any sag. Also bagged some art kicks courtesy of Nike SB – Piet Mondrian kicks which i will be keeping for warmer climates cause white don’t go with winter!