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manc and proud

Such a great piece by Joe Muggs on Manchesters music over at the arts desk i had to share. Really proud to know and honoured to have worked with all of those mentioned in the article who’ve all been working hard and doing them selves proud for years, right now its about to pay off and how well deserved it will be! Big love to all crew the world is ready #mancsontour is gonna be a hash tag you see alot in the coming months lol!

Guess who?

Guess Who....

This coming Friday will see the first blog post from Jennaration G’s new contributor. Its a big deal for me and the Jennaration in jennaral :P I’ve been blogging here for over a year now hans solo. Not wanting to be chained to my mac and being the social butterfly that i am (ehem) i’ve missed out on some pretty big events (blog wise), happenings that my new contributor was always up on but didn’t have a place from which to pronounce to the world their knowledge. Exactly the kind of character the Jennaration begats, so this is the perfect forum for his or her future rantings. But who you might be asking is this new  blogger gonna be and just what pulse are their grubby little fingers on exactly? (more…)

Bingley was a blast!

bingley music signBingley live crowd

Two sundays ago The Qemists Live were up north tucked away in a valley somewhere near York for Bingley Music Live. Twas such a fun day in a random location and i reccomend if your ever in the vicinity check out this totally awesome festival. If only for the Sunday lunch at artist catering by Popcorn…mmmmmmmmmmm…the serving dude wasn’t to bad either, gave me extra tatties :P (more…)

And the 2008 Mercury goes to….

Elbow album

It’s a dark and emotional epic with a heavier post-rock feel

Elbow, or Manchester your putting us back on the map for quality music!! Always seen these guys in various studios around town. They were writing the Mercury Award winning album The Seldom Seen Kid when i was rehearsing with my band in blueprint 2006. Im not a fan of their first album, so i was surprised on entering rehearsals one day to be stopped dead in my tracks by a haunting epic’ness floating from the live room, a delicate wave swelling up to a glorious rumble within my soul. Not heard the album yet but i know their so deserved, as artists they are hard working, honest and had a true vision and as people they are down to earth, passionate and so northern. Really happy for them right now, will be checking out the sounds in full very soon…juggling between the desire to hear it now or go and buy it legally tomorrow?