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oddbins vs the olympics

This has to be the funniest thing ive heard so far in the lead up to the games, Oddbins are launching a ‘marketing counter strike’ aimed at the draconian and quite absurdly harsh Olympic Branding laws which has stopped businesses in the capital and across the nation that aren’t official sponsors profiting from the games, banning the use of words such as “gold”, “Games”, “2012″, “summer” and “London” in any of their promotions. Ridiculous right? So Oddbins is offering a massive 30% discount to any of their customers who kit themselves out in branding rivals to the LOCOG main sponsors. Turn up in a pair of Nike trainers, with a set of Vauxhall car keys, an RBS MasterCard, an iPhone, a bill from British Gas and a receipt for a Pepsi bought at KFC and you will receive 30 per cent off your purchase! (source)

made in manchester

Just found out that this very sick Nike advert was filmed up Oldham Rd in Manchester, i dunno why this makes me feel proud as non of the makers were Mancunian and it stars a scouser but still i am!

car crash pr from NIKE!?!?!?!

Whoever is responsible for this awful advert, should be ashamed of themselves. His dead fathers voice and a slow moving close up…tut f**king tut. Can anyone tell me how this relates to him playing golf? Or am i missing the whole double meaning wrapped up in this campaign which looks like it was devised by the evil minds at Prentiss McCabe!

The Nike IAM1 Journey, Buenos Aires

Nike - The Iam1 Journey

Any city can fire the imagination… The IAM1 Journey discovers six most incredible cities…  Milan, London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires through the eyes of its revolutionaries, innovators and inhabitants all inspired by an extraordinary trainer. (more…)

Things im looking forward to putting my feet in…

Not a lot has come out of late that has taken my fancy in the footwear world. ive got by on buying the odd pair off ebay, and plain vans era’s. I think the last time i got excited about buying a pair of shoes was when i picked up some vintage cortez from Triads in Middlesbrough, however there are two Nike releases in the coming weeks that will get me to separate with my hard earned cash. (more…)

Birds & Bullets

Eric A Bailey Bright Eyes (more…)

I want these please Mr Nike

Ok so purple is apparently associated with sexual frustration and i have to agree that is about right with these little beauties! (more…)

Kate Moross has a cool gif!


The young british creative was featured on myspace today….very interesting even more so cause i found this awesome gif at the bottom of her page, long live the pink :)

My kicks on display!

Im in love!

Eager Shoreditch beaver…

OMG I am officially the first in the queue for today exclusive release…. Feel a bit sad as I arrived hour and half before shop opens and theres no one else here….Except shop worker Irene. Shame first time queuing up for sneakers so i didn’t want to miss out, shame will melt away once I’ve got those beauties in my hand :)

Lebron James seduction techniques


Personally i don’t think their that fly but im loving the concept of this new Nike advert for The Zoom Lebron IV. Starring Lebron and Nicole Scherzinger, who looks pretty dumpy out of heels (cue smug jealous smiles ladies…) Reminds me of the scene from Scary Movie when Ray (the homosexual in denial) gets his girl Brenda to dress up in his football gear, lmao!! Thanks to SoleDiction for the heads up.

‘Manc Union’ new design and reprints @ Note

Heard on the grapevine yesterday that Manc Union had a new design in store today at Note. Its definately another one for those 80′s babies but not as hot as the DMC design. Been dying to get my hands on one of those designs for far too long, they had w/b/grey mens tee’s, hoodies and womens tee’s and racer back vests with the Mcfly print on black in mens hoodies and tee’s. I opted for the crisp white classic design n the mens fit cause they girls didnt have any sag. Also bagged some art kicks courtesy of Nike SB – Piet Mondrian kicks which i will be keeping for warmer climates cause white don’t go with winter!