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N’fa – cause n effect ep

Last year or even longer ago i blog about two model Aussies i’d befriend whilst downunder called the Dreamkatchers, one of those gorgeously talented guys ;) N’fa has now gone solo, moved to the UK and this month released his first EP, Cause an Effect. The video (above) was the directed by the late Heath Ledgar (a boyhood friend of N’fa, i was in the wrong class) and the EP on Itunes includes 5 remixes and the video for a bargin £1.79…so what are you waiting for? Go get it!

Channel Two ft N’fa – Universal King

I know i know, i’ve posted this before and not to long ago but me nah care! I thinks its a perfect song for the day seeing as the infamous himself woke me up this morning (11.54 technically it was morning, yes the first time this week!) and forced me to… (more…)

Song F.T. Day – NFA

Youtube djin a gwarn over here in Tokyo, tame afterparty in Leon Q’s room after the Ninjatune scrannathon has seen a myriad of styles and tastes searched and played for all in attendance. Reactions have been straight up hate from my fellow Canadians Thunderheist, love for the weird and technologically broke from Yppah and good old fashioned rock out by the Qemists on Red Fang…however after pissing each other off with the song genres we decided to start choosing dope ass videos that would please everyone. This was my little gem all the way from OZ part of the previously blogged DreamKatchers, N’fa. Strictly for us those who love this “artform hearts worn on our sleeve!”

Sayonara Jenna Ration G