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i second that holy emotion

Yeah its vacuous but i cant help but comment on the real life Twilight drama that has kicked off this week, mostly because its popping up on feeds all over the place. Bella cheated on the vampire with a married man, a director surprisingly….Now cheating is bad in any circumstance but forgive me for thinking its a little more serious if your married and have two kids, so why  am i only hearing how she fucked up, Holy Moly says exactly what ive been thinking but way more wittier…

Forgive us for moralising, and all that, but doesn’t it seem like Rupert has gotten off very bloody lightly? K-Stew’s the one getting called a bitch and a slut on Twitter, and possibly having to write a letter of apology to Liberty Ross, because apparently it is a far worse crime to be 22, a bit daft, and cheat on your boyfriend than to be, you know, a married father of two, screwing a girl practically half your age?

Read the whole story on Holy Moly!

the eternal fly……

Saw this in the news yeaterday made me smile, Yasuhiro Suzukis’ Zip Boat…the seas like a huge pair of jeans!

ok im in ;)

Back from as always a lovely time in Reading with Engine-Earz Prash n burn who last night got me well and truely hooked on crop circles. Im not going all Robbie Williams here im just very intrigued with all the facts surrounding these huge pieces of art that appear frequently during the summer months every year… (more…)

Yay, Im an unconfirmed report!!

That link in blue on the last paragraph is to my page….tee hee :)

So last week the great no show Ghostface saga was the hot news. Riot Jazz booked him and then him and his DJ go and get themselves arrested at Heathrow. Kind of big news i thought seeing as he’s a Wu member and his new album is out on the 16th, however now where on the internet or in the black music media was this covered apart from on the facebook event page and my blog…. Flattering or obvious then that Nah Right link my blog story to his arrest as an unconfirmed report!! Tee hee, unconfirmed!?!  It makes me sound like a gossip…me an idle gossip……really i never heard such nonsense. the report came straight from the promoter and was then backed up by his agent who i heard from eventually at the end of the week…im a broadcaster not a gossip, i thank you (and Nelliarmous for the contact! ;)