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and so it begins

The UK is sooooo hot right now, the world is waiting for the next big thing and everybody on this island is having a bash at it! Am surprised to see DJ Manny Norte throwing his two decks in the mix, its been longtime me nah see ya breadbin! Im not taking the piss but i cant help but laugh whilst watching this he’s doing that whole 90′s producer in a video thing, its hard to take him seriously…however the years of training he’s had behind the decks and in the scene he’s got the diddy pose well and truely locked! J2K and Dready complete the line-up for the single ‘Breakin all the rules’ which is out now in the UK (at Tescos apparently, genius Manny just genius!).

i’ve woken up german

I dreamt i was living there last night and fluent in German, its very frustrating to understand non of this song when in my dreams i was yelling it at the top of my German voice!

attack of the pixels!

Uploaded by onemoreprod. – Arts and animation videos.

Too cool for school thanks to PuckooCulture for the linkĀ  ;)

siobhans ringtone

For 2 years this has been the song that rang out when Sio Nuff would call, some times i wouldn’t answer as i was to busy singing along…i regret that now shes leaving :P (more…)

thegiftd keeps me lifted ;)

Checking up on my gurl in NYC by way of her blog as trying to fit in a phone call (or even Skype chat) nowadays is near impossible, came across the Ian Brown video for Stellify which i have to post for all the reasons Sam said…. (more…)

Chromeo & Mountain Dew?

I love me some Chromeo but when were they signed to Mountain Dew? Oh sorry Mtn Dew… (more…)

International Log x Ren & Stimpy!


Remember Ren & Stimpy with its cool jazz intro, very adult off the wall scripts and totally bizarre storylines? Man that was some good tv, i hadn’t thought about that show in ages until today. Saw this video International Log and spat my coffee out laughing, so obviously went on a search for more… (more…)