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1 reason the rain is good

Urban Nerds JUmper

I get to wear my white Urban Nerds jumper, which doesnt really work in winter!

despicable me

My very own minion!

Bit late on this trailer but now i’ve seen it i cant wait for the movie! Steve Carrel plays the despicable Gru with a host of the cutest evil minions, i made my own minion at the movie website, thats her above. Soundtrack for Despicable Me , comes courtesy of Pharrell Williams and (academy award winning) Hans Zimmer …wow wee N.E.R.D might be at the oscars next year! The song and trailer after the jump. (ok seriously someone tell me to stop typing that)


Spotted! Urban Nerds @ Glastonbury

urban nerds @ glasto

I dont know if they were playing at Glastonbury but they were definately there…was fun to see their logo whilst hiking the old rail road…Nice positioning too on the side of the toilets on the way up to The Park. Catch them at (more…)

New N.E.R.D – Soldier

Thanks to Bapenerd for the link to this performance from N.E.R.D live on Jimmy Falon. Im not really feeling the song bar the chorus im guessin with Santogold? After Snoop Dogg jumping on the indian dubstep train its hard to not see this as another attempt to cash in on a UK style that is being represented quite credibly else where. Kid British spring to mind when listening to Soldier and that whole London is cool for being punk/ska chic is blatently being referenced….. the band is tight but what do you expect from the Roots….overall im thinking its no ‘Everyone Nose‘ but interesting enough for song of the day….enjoy!