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True Tiger x Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari Munich live

Cant believe i slept on this post especially after having the True Tiger lads on me couch last week… (more…)

Set Yourself On Fire!


Sunday Sounds

Catching up on my myspace inbox leads me to todays musical posting. An old mix of tracks i used to have up on the player has been in hot demand, so here it is short sweet and inspiring me to do a longer mix in the very near future! Hope you enjoy :)

Tracklisting (more…)

Music while your waiting….


Testing testing 1 2 3. I’ve got up the nerve to try a little more complex plugin for my blog, which will hopefully post onto my Myspace blog dusting away the cobwebs for good! So this is the first post…is it gonna work?? Who knows but i’ve included some waiting music & kick ass moves above for all those that are already involved and aren’t travelling through the internet linkage system from Myspace :)


So it has posted a link on myspace’s blog section, profile page. However its from Nov 02, been searching on forums and there’s only confusing answers, no simple step by steps…hmmm do i dare go into the code….

Sanity from Profanity

Hanging out with the amazing Sammy B last night, i swear they broke the mould on this one. She always tells me what’s what when it comes to my Mac, the internet, design trends etc.  Sam put me on to myspace 2 whole years before the UK even took note, same with Facebook, Twitter and now….Cursebird lmao! I swear this little gem is a life saver! Now if your not aware of Twitter you’ll be baffled right now, so lets deal with that first. Twitter is like having a facebook status social networking tool, no pics, no events, no ‘are you sexy’ apps, just constantly updated status’s from people you know or don’t (your choice) on the move across the globe. You can follow other peoples Twitters, view friends etc and comment on what their up to. Honestly this ish is social networking crystal meth you just cant stop, as Lily Allen would say ‘Everybody will be at it’ sooner or later!…check out my Twittering in the side bar perfect for those stalkers (ehem Brian…) wanting to know my every move….moving on from Twitter there is a site of pure genius that feeds off all the Twitters containing swear words, Cursebird is a must for those early morning blues, have the window open on your desktop and feel a small piece of sanity from the constant updates of all types of profanity.

Myspace messages


Message from myspace Madison


It has been ages since i’ve been on myspace so today i sat and went through as many of the messages as i could that were overflowing from my inbox. Big shout to all who have been in touch, as always is dope to read your thoughts and feelings in relation to the music thats out there, not so dope to have to delete all that spam!! My apologies for not being able to get back to every single one of of ya a bit more personally ;)  One that i did manage to read was from a lovely chica called Madison who lives in the US of A and came to party at the Monster Massive Halloween Bash i played at last year in LA. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this, its just that alot of people ask about the meaning or reasons behind certain songs i’ve written, i figured this post could kill a fair few birds like a stone as well as help with the college assignment!


Moka & the Machine

Wondering what ever happened to UnkleJam, last years bright new Virgin signing tipped for success with their amazing album?

Well they aint together no more, booooo, but fortunately the lead singer Moka (i never knew that was his name) is back with music to open your mind and make your hips move. It not too far from the original sound we know and love, which was so good its nice to see he hasn’t strayed to far from the funkadelic inspiration.

See for your self and cry out for more SPACE from Moka and the Machine.

Moka and the Machine on Myspace