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cassel does ballet, yes please

Just heard about the film Black Swan which looks amazing from this trailer. StarringĀ Vincent Cassel as a ballet director andĀ Natalie Portman as a ballet dancer (beware boys shes does the splits) i think its fair to say theres a lil something for everyone in this psychological thriller. Already being touted as one of next years big Oscar movies with Portmans performance sure to get her a much deserved gold man for her mantle, i cant wait to see this at the cinema when it comes out in the UK next year…..*jaw drops* dam thats a long way away, wish i was going to the Venice Film festival, Black Swan will be opening the whole shindig with its world premiere there in September….how far away is Venice from Sardinia…could i nick a boat and sail there? lol

idris can ‘taker’ me anywhere he likes

Stringer Bell, Jon Luther, Driis, Senor Elba what ever you wanna be called im ready and waiting for ya! Been missing this guy like cook food since Luther finished on BBC earlier this year, was such a dope drama series gutted to have to wait over a year for part 2! Anyways in the meantime i can get my Idris Elba fix with this weeks (USA) release of the long awaited Takers. Starring far to many men that would get it to mention them all and Chris Brown im sure you’ll be hearing about this one soon enough, set for UK release on 1st Oct, its gonna be the big date movie for Autumn (action for the guys and guys for the gurls, lol) that is if it doesn’t bomb in the states first, (fingers crossed) the release date has been put back enough times! Fancy being on the official movie mixtape? Time is ticking as the final day to submit entries is this week, watch the ever so slightly awkward vid after the jump for more info ;) (more…)

good morning :)

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(Apologies for the quality Youtube failed on this nostalgia trip)

going all girly

Ok im gonna put it out there i am in no way sick of them and PLAINLY EXCITED about the SATC 2 movie out NEXT WEEK. Oh lord i hate a good story that ends but thankfully the HBO gods know what i want…i really do wanna know what happens after you say i do (cringing at myself for quoting the trailer!). Now question is do i go all out girl next week and dress up to go watch it at the cinema with Cosmos pre flick??…ha ha OF COURSE i do any excuse for a mixed drink!

quite possibly the worst movie i’ve ever seen

‘A day in the life of Sticky Fingaz’ the title totally sucked me in Sticky was by far my fav of the Onyx, what could be more interesting than seeing 2 hours through his eyes. What wasnt on my copy of the film was marketing spiel ‘The Worlds First Hip-Hop Musical” (surely that was MTV’s Carmen ), as i would have known how WRONG my expectations actually were. Now im probably gonna get alot of stick for this (esp from the likes of the Kersal massive ) but i don’t care how innovative or clever you may think it is to rap an entire movie, let me tell you now, its not. In fact i would go as far as to say it could be used as some form of torture cause last night i seriously lost my mind watching 2 hours of NON STOP terrible rapping from some people that should actually know better….


Remember remember the 5th of November…

The Gun Powder Treason

…the Gun powder treason and plot, i know of no reason the gun powder treason should ever be forgot. (more…)

To misery from glee in 12secs…

Sat in Catch 22 studios and Prash tells me, amid a million others things, that Cheech and Chong are making another movie! Yay ;) Stoner heaven, 2 legendary pot heads back on the big screen reminding us its fine to be a pensioner an blaze the herb!! Ganja for all, no sand, no twigs just good old fashioned THC, where do i book my ticket? 2secs, Rejoice did i, 4secs, gaily ran me to my mucky mac and googled new+movie+cheech+chong+2008, 6secs later….

How do you like them apples the whole first page of google did not reveal it to be true, no new film, just new t-shirts (which i ordered *blush*) and a new US comedy tour….booo! Am i to just forget about the whole thing? Page 2 of google had some crappy story from back in 2003 that they were thinking about doing a new movie…am i to believe if this is tru that a) they havent pulled there fingers out and made it yet and b) that the news has only just got to Reading!

Please can someone make another stoner movie, a brand new one with totally hilarious but sexy men…that stoner model Adrienne from ANTM cycle could be in it for the lads, Matthew Mconaughey for us ladies, or just me…the market is crying out for it. I am telling you How High, Half baked they are the most recent right? Oh wait Grandmas Boy, that was slighty stonerish, classic dealer! Have i missed something? Any suggestions that are crap will not be taken on board…no part timers here thank you :) Can someone also please stop hating on Reading and tell it things a little sooner, cause that just ain’t right.

In keeping with the green nature of this rant i am so high this post has took me ages and contains many a fun link, please explore them all!


Play on – Effortlessly

‘If music be the food of love, play on’ – W. Shakespeare

Me and Zed came up with this a while back as part of a biasonic experiment. Classified – Rated PG, songs inspired by movies never made! As the summer slowly slips by, the sun causing chaos in our hearts and loins, i thought this particular track would be an appropriate soundtrack to those blissful musings over that lifeguard with the ponytail and the shell necklace…
Inspired by those American teen beach/holiday type movies, where coming of age through the highs and lows of love is the only moral and the locals are way fitter and deeper than the dorks at home (cause they surf waves not the net, innit!). Sunday afternoon tv ahoy!