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Russian Hip Hop – Город Дорог (клип)


Couple weeks back i was in Moscow, thanks to WODNB. After the gig, wide awake in the hotel room im waiting for room service, cheeseburger & chips, standardly and theres only two choices of entertainment seeing as a hadn’t brought an adaptor for my Mac! BBC News or MTV Russia :(   Music won as murder, death, credit crunch is so boring compared to preened pop effergies. It was the usual cheese fest, until this little beauty sent me on a google trail, thats took me 2 weeks to complete. Mostly because of the spelling being in Russian and i could figure out how to type it in me mac ;p

Город Дорог (клип) ?

Foreign hip-hop (ie non english vocab) i love it! The right delivery in any language to me sounds slick, sexy, strong and gets the message across, a true test of artistic phrasing, if i can get it but i dont speak your language…your a poet! On the real though this tune was a nice surprise, bit of slap n tickle verbally me thinks, the hooks sung a little dodgy at times but i love the 90′s vibe in the sample and their whole delivery. First rapper is mad cute, hands off western women i seen him first, lol,  second looks like Nic (esp at 1.45, dont even lie) and the third proves New Era caps and a hoody can make you look the same as someone you’ve never seen 4,000 miles away! When i finally found this video i found a load more links to more underground tracks, Баста is a defnate favourite on youtube. Russian hip-hop just got themselves a new fan, you gon join the crew?

Its nearly the weekend…


Im looking forward to a major skank out in Moscow this weekend playing at WODNB, thought this would get me in the mood… :)

Up, down and side to side.

What a week. Its been my final one in London and the first back in Manchester, however i’ll be spending it in Reading! Huh? I kind of like being all over the place but its just so tiring doing all the travelling. In London last night and this morning dropping off the hire van, stayed in my old flat which looks amazing without all my shit in it, lmao! I have way to much stuff…back in Manchester my 2 bedroom house is overflowing with sh*t mostly clothes and electrical goods but its still shit! Oh to have space, lovely hidden storage and space…..I need to sell everything, jumble/car boot sale…but im never around on a Sunday. Anyways not thinking about my hermits lair back in Manchester its over to Reading for a week’s session with Prash aka Catch 22, yay. Goodbye old smoke, hello the land of Uggo’s and then the land of blue jeans…im in Moscow at the weekend Wooo HOoo.