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saturday! saturday! saturday!

As Maxwell would say in a falsetto ‘Its a re-uuuu-nion!’ This Saturday the Qemists are back in my home town on tour and i’ve got the night off!! RESULT INDEED! So im gonna head on over to Moho Live on Saturday night and invade their show, or maybe just down their rider cause its been WAY TO LONG since i seen these guys. Tickets are still available so go on get in there for some dnb/rock/live awesomeness, Qemists are on stage at 9 then you’ll be free to go Hoya Hoya later on for the super spesh secret sessions guest who is an absolute Manchester legend! Saturday is gonna be quite messy i can already tell wahey bring on the weekend ;)

Hadouken – Tonight @ Moho Live

Hadouken at Moho Live tonight

Nu Rave/punk/grime/a lot of noize mob Hadouken have had quite a dutch year so far, having been in the country of dykes in the studio with super producers of the moment Noisia working on their forthcoming second album. (more…)

SURPRISE! Im live and In Love!

OMG GHOSTFACE IS IN TOWN TODAY!! Mad excited as its gonna be a heavy show down at Moho, only 200 tickets left on the door so if your not already down i suggest you put it in your list of things to do for today… Special guests include ME!! First time with the Riot Jazz boys doing In Love!! I really cant wait for rehearsal tomorrow to hear how the hell this is gonna go down!! So chuffed they asked me to do this, they sound hot as hell live and are safe as houses, if it all goes well no doubt they’ll be more live collabs on the horizon :) Its Wu m*******a, comin thru m*******a!!