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was a fun night indeed ;)

Mancunians know if you aint got the cash but still wanna get trashed to good music and live acts theres only one place to go Ballin on a Budget STANDARD! Heres a little sample of what went on at 2010′s alternative NYE bash including Konny Kon in his Boyz to Men garms, gwarn! If you missed out make sure your there this Thursday for Strats big burfday bash, unfortunately someone (no names yeah) will be sick on the stairs…will it be you?

tonight i snub 50 cent

Zed Bias & Jenna G Live tonight :)

Woken up by a phone call this morning from a certain rapper who will remain nameless offering me box seats to his arena gig in town tonight as long i dont perform at Ballin On A Budget, man some people will try anything to sabotage the only place to be this Thursday evening. Mint Lounge with myself & Zed Bias, Fallacy, DRS’s Album Launch and of course the hosts with the most Broke n £nglish all for just £2, in the words of Curtis ‘ if they can’t do it, homie it cant be done…’ Need more inspiration then check these out….


we not live in manchester tonight

Zed Bias & Jenna G Live tonight :)

Its one of the best value for money nights in Manchester, offering the toppa top local talent and serving up some nice drink promotions and giveaways all for £2!! Plus next Thursday (blush) come watch me and the Bizzle, thats Zed B-Line Bias represent for the Broke n £nglish Squad at Mint Lounge in just under 7 days and 8 hours time….see you there ;)

What a coincedence!

So last week one of the SFTD was Esser. He debuted last year and is currently touring with Kaiser Chiefs however i had no idea who he was til i found that glorious song, which was last week…. Any hoo cut to Monday at Hit n Run and whose outside tryin to get in amidst the 100 crowd throng….Well no other than Esser and his band…. How fucking strange!?!?! Of course i introduced my blog tastic self, told him the throwing up was completely unnecessary and then got him and crew into an amazing night down at Mint for nada! Ooo wee thats a first :) Big up Rich Reason n door staff and how could i forget the selector that smokes in illegal places….SKREAM!!

White vs Black

Thats the Iphone not a racial debate…or is it? Finally i got the insurance through on my mobile that some scab stole from Mint Lounge in December. Yes it has took 2 months of phone calls, emails and irrate detective work by myself to finally get the £400 or so from LSG but today i reigned victorious!! So in a few days i will have been reimbursed and back to my upgraded 3G Iphone but oooo, theres a new choice in store a shiny white one, that would look lovely next to my used macbook on charge. But the black…that shiny ebony effect, chic black back of the original is so sleek looking…i cant decide…maybe ya’ll who have either could argue the case for me?

Qemists on tour in Europe find who their supporting later @ Jenna Ration G

UPDATE – 21.02.09: Got the white one and its lurvely ;)