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p.w.m. – sukh knight keeps the vibe alive

There is in my life and for a few members of True Tiger a rather special day in the week, no long ting i cant be arsed to go into the story but lets just say Panda Wank Monday is one alternatively refreshing way to start a 7 day cycle, read into that how you will as the truth is no where near as perverse as your tiny brains are thinking. Its been a while since me or the lads referenced said special day but Sukh brought it all flooding back this weekend just in time for P.W.M with this little beauty of an advert, ha ha too fitting for this auspicious occasion, double panda points ;) Watch the full set of adverts here

loving this cheesy milk

Now some of you will cringe at this advert from Yeo Valley, the rest will realize its simplistic genius. I know im not the only one who bridged the gap between hip-hop and this milks name whilst browsing the dairy isle with the munchies. Ridiculous props for the Owl swagger, i need this as a gif, however what i don’t need is a copy of this on Itunes (available now, tut tut).

dam pictures!

dam it aint much

dam coffee shop


The Milk, Ross Kemp on Gangs.

Ross Kemp on Gangs
Matthew has been quoting this youtube video for a while now, yes im late for checking it out but it is hilarious… (more…)

The philosophy of the 2 ducks and the dead squirrel

Flying…metaphorically…home from the studio this morning ;) i pulled out of the garage, where i had stopped to get some milk and was very amused by the sight of 2 ducks wandering across the main road from the park. They were taking their time looking for a way back down to the stream that runs under the road but they were blocked by a brick bridge and alot of hedging.
I pulled away from the scene with a smile on me face and was greeted 100 yards up the road by a dead squirrel…just lying in the far lane, neck all twisted and bloody bits every where.
Instantly the ducks plight came to mind and i hoped they wouldn’t take to long fussing over a clear way back to the stream, cause as the squirrel found out it can be over in an instant….