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live @ pixel party, bogota!

South America was an experience and a half for me, is so good to see the videos & pictures from a crazy 10 days popping up on my facebook and the like, big thanks to all crew that took the time to come down and make such special memories of the performances, will be posting more as and when i find! Big up to Rockman for the edits on this video a nice little sampler of my new live solo show (happening tonight in Manchester @ Miami ;) so glad everyone enjoyed the sets and made me feel right at home where ever i was! Bogota it was cold outside but in doors we definately heat up the dance x

How to Corkscrew….

Tara Karina - How to Corkscrew
Buffing up my youtube Manchester Music playlist and found this Waiwan remix of Midnight being used as a backing track for a pole dancing instructional video from Tara Karina! (more…)