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hurt less @ caja de ritmos

Wow you lot like to make memories dont ya? Found so many of videos from the tour so far, big shouts to all who’ve been down to the gigs seriously have had the most amount of fun performing for ya’ll. Heres the final song from the Santiago show, which by the way is my new favourite place i soooo wanna retire there when im old and grey and of course have married a hot Chilean…..ehem ;) Thanks to BassCode TV for posting this little reminder and heres hoping to do it all again, just a little bit different next year :P

Prodigy – Poison (f**k yeah)

Next week im there, UK tour is in full effect for these foundations of my clubbing youth. Memories of playing this album on loop in the Smaje’s house thinking we were the baddest of the bad! I cant remember the first time i heard them but i do remember the feeling i got from the twisted synths and bass, BIG!
Dedicated to the Jilted Jenna Ration ;P

Song FT Day – Mama Cass

Since i been away in Japan i haven’t been smoking that much green…in fact for the first time in like 6 years i’ve not had any for a total of 5 days. Shock horror, i know but im not feeling to bad from it at all nor am i craving it as much as i was before i headed east. One thing i’ve noticed apart from being ridiculously grumpy on occasions (sorry Sam!) is that im dreaming again. Glorious technicolour dreams filled with people i’ve just met and others who i haven’t seen in years. Thoughts i’ve not had in ages are saturating my sleeping hours, regurgitating places and feelings i’d completely forgotten or just found.
Last nights dream was a mix of old and new, set to the backdrop of a film starring the two Coreys, Dream a little Dream. When i awoke this song with the same name echoed in my ears…I wonder if he dreamed a little dream of me too?

Jenna Ration G

Goodbye Swerve @ The End :(

In London one of my favourite nights for some dam good drum n bass, friendly faces and some funny stories has to be Swerve. I haven’t been in yonks and tonight im missing the final knees up for this legend of a club night at The End. Soooo wanted to be there by the far end of the bar with the usual suspects, getting my change on little trays and supping champagne, doing shots with friends reminiscing about all the fun we had in the backroom under red lights, whilst bouncing to some serious soulful drum and bass sounds. (more…)

A month of music

I finally did it! Big up my chest, i am a Mac magician…ok maybe a bit slow and still in training, but magic non the less : NERD ALERT : I finally got my all my itunes libraries into itunes on the new Mac without putting them on the internal hard-drive, simple maybe, geeky yes but this is what has made me happy!! You see i’ve got 7 years of itunes music, from 4 different computors spread over 2 external hard-drives, which i’ve been using in the complete wrong way thanks to some dufus in the Regent St Apple store…genius desk my arse. I haven’t had access to one of the drives for so long i’ve been mostly listening to music downloaded within the past 12 months, which hasn’t been bad but something was lacking. Cutting long to the short i googled the best way to have all my music show up on my new mac’s itunes in 1 library from the 2 drives and it worked, IM A MAC MASTER recognize! I also now have at my fingertips 25.7 days of pure unadulterated music that will take me through the past 7 years of my life…thats some deep ish! Im gonna keep it on random for a month or so, lol, can’t wait for the memories, its the right time for inspiration.