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a song for my mum

I wrote this song for my mum, the strongest woman i knew throughout my teenage years. Originally the backing track was more dirty, early hacienda style and it was that which evoked the memories which helped me to create this top line and lyric. Some of you might have heard it as it was released last October on Nocturnal Groove, funny i never knew that..anyways the original demo is after the jump for, enjoy!


Blu Mar Ten – If i could tell you

I dont know why all of a sudden im obsessed by this mans music but i am. Really like his choice of film footage for his youtube videos, brilliant break from the norm of dnb track visuals. This song for the day in particular is haunting me at the moment, im tryin to place the vocal sample ‘I will not ever try to hurt you‘, where the hell is that from its so familiar and such a beautiful melody. Im daydreaming to this one, hope you do to…