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oops i thought i did this already!

Adelaide Summer Break crew

Ok cleaning up my hard drive this week and found this video i made after heading down under in 2008…i know im ridiculously late on this one but better than never hey?! Hope you enjoy man it feels like a lifetime ago,  see you soon OZ and a very belated thank you for such a great 1st time :)

Muh muh Monday Mixtape – Son of Kick

Dam Japan has got me so busy the blogging fell a little behind…but how could i not give ya a Muh muh Monday mixtape though even if all my links are on my Mac at home. Dam it i should have synced before i left…anyhoo the Itunes shuffle has been in overdrive since we landed and this little beauty jumped out at me yesterday on the bullet train back from Osaka. Son of Kick, currently out in OZ recharging his batteries, let this little beauty off for free last November. Showcasing his mash up skills of madness, dope sounds and eclectic talent ‘Les Enfants Terribles‘ should see you through this week nicely. Im blasting it out this morning while overlooking the Hachiko crossing, its funny cause they look like their dancing to it!

If your in Melbourne he’s playing at the Croft Institute tonight (7th) and the 14th, get him while he’s hot ;)

Enjoy! Jenna Ration G

Supra Vaider – Tiffany Snakeskin

I picked up these little beauties, my very first pair of Supras in Melbourne. Could have bought like 10 more pairs the shop was banging but did not fancy trying to fit them in my already overflowing travel bag for the duration of my brief tour down under. Still im more than happy with my little piece of Tiffany, man they look so sweet on my brown sugar feet ;)

Supra Vaider – Tiffany Snakeskin

Thanks to source – Sneakerfiles

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Melbourne was wizard in OZ…

So Australia i finally got there courtesy of Naras Entertainment & Singapore airlines and you know what i bloody love it. I dunno if i could live there for 12 months in a row but hanging out in the winter sun was definately a good look. Its crazy though as the whole vibe really suprised me, im not sure exactly what i expected of the final continent on my list to visit but i didnt expect it to be so erm…cool, look so good, cosmopolitian and very comfortable. I didn’t get too bush with my locations, even though Perth wasnt to far off… (more…)

Melbourne Art @ NGV

Melbourne 08

Melbourne 2008

I got stood up by the ping pong ravers this afternoon who were gonna take me shopping, so instead i found myself strolling along in Melbourne CBD amidst the sale shoppers and tourists….stumbled upon an amazing building which in turn was the National Gallery. (more…)