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just stop please stop!

Drunk dialling, texing, facebooking, whatever…stop it now!

N3rm you smashed it!

Twittering before dipping in the pool in the very hot South America (yes im rubbing it in whilst your all under 9 ft of snow) and came across this Rage Against The Machine flavoured tweet from N3rm, to much jokes, Im saying YES!

Whats it all a bot?

If you dont know im on twitter quite a lot thanks to the handy IPhone app, where ever when ever whatever im twitting, with some exceptions :P Any ways a few times i’ve had my tweets repeated by automated Twitter accounts due to particular words used in my tweet, i believe they are called bots… (more…)

L’Amour Vache

Tough Love

Honestly i don’t even know how i came to be watching this. Seemingly innocent at first and then it quickly descends into HUH? (more…)

Moka & the Machine

Wondering what ever happened to UnkleJam, last years bright new Virgin signing tipped for success with their amazing album?

Well they aint together no more, booooo, but fortunately the lead singer Moka (i never knew that was his name) is back with music to open your mind and make your hips move. It not too far from the original sound we know and love, which was so good its nice to see he hasn’t strayed to far from the funkadelic inspiration.

See for your self and cry out for more SPACE from Moka and the Machine.

Moka and the Machine on Myspace