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dam pictures!

dam it aint much

dam coffee shop


Instant access!


What would I do without my iPhone? Suffer severe withdrawl symptoms from lack of instant access most likely! I need the world in my hand bag, it’s a must that I have the facility to google my way through a pub quiz or win a heated debate in my back pocket. Having every tex message i’ve sent and recieved logged in a iChat convo style is imperitive when u have a brain as sieve like as mine. Being able to instantly reference any YouTube video that pops up in conversation driving at 85mph down the M1, is a work of modern technological wonderment. Apple as per usual I salute you for this, I stand and applaud raucously at the applications available to fill up my screen and travel time! In particular I am in awe that I can now post to my blog on the move thanks to an apple app from WordPress that was free to download! Amazing, however one thing that would make this awesome invention even sweeter, being able to put links in a post.¬†Just a little thought…..