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receipe for single adult life

Dashing down perfectly good looking gurls for the sake of a hook is a recipe for single adult life, and a sign of some much more deep rooted issues, judging by the looks of the hotel room he’s already doing a Lenny (not a good role model bruv)! Either way like most inane misogynistic UK funky tracks this one is set to be big after a proper bashing over the summer, PA’s across the holiday island network had all the gurls singing along to it…oh how very empowering, just remember you were all about getting ‘dashed down’ before he refused to pay for your taxi home after kicking you out of his Premier Inn hotel room ;) Mr M is set for big things if the youtube hits on this video are anything to go by, i wish him the most amount of sexcess and hopefully no STDs, cause then he’d be ‘Rashed Out’…tee hee ;)

lyrically speaking

Ok so me and Engine-Earz are going head to head on AIM with a dnb video clash…we’re trying to make each other fall of our studio chairs laughing. So far this is taking the biscuit and inciting ROFLCOPTERs!

winning strat£gy

Dont Tour That on MUZU

Don’t Tour That Episode 19 up on featuring one of Manchesters finest team Strategy from Broke n £nglish, ABSOLUTELY WRECKS IT IN THE SHADOWS OF OLD TRAFFORD, ‘i might go for the salad but hold the tomato!’ ‘eating emcees like carrot cakes, cause to me he sounds weak like Gareth Gates!’ as always relevant and random lines for days Strats, the flow is ridiculous!

Blu Mar Ten – If i could tell you

I dont know why all of a sudden im obsessed by this mans music but i am. Really like his choice of film footage for his youtube videos, brilliant break from the norm of dnb track visuals. This song for the day in particular is haunting me at the moment, im tryin to place the vocal sample ‘I will not ever try to hurt you‘, where the hell is that from its so familiar and such a beautiful melody. Im daydreaming to this one, hope you do to…

Lyrics – Let me change your mind

A while back on me facebook i got a friend request from a dude asking about the lyrics to ‘Let me change your mind‘. The message was from a DJ whose girl pals were requesting it whenever he played and wanted to know what the hell the song Zed Bias and myself made was all about…now i don’t really like to divulge to much of the reasons behind my song lyrics but i don’t mind posting them up for those that wanna make up there own interpretation! (more…)

Kanye is not wearing socks.


Sorry to upset you and the rest of the Kanye knob jockeys but im sooooo over this dude right now…The latest 808 & Heartbreaks is an addition to his plagiarism of non-american art/music culture from the past 30 years and even worse eveyone is lapping it up AGAIN like he was the second coming. ‘Art rocks’, ‘contemporary is cool’, ‘alternative rap is the real hip-hop’…NO HIP-HOP WAS ALWAYS THIS COOL, MAIN STREAM JUST FORCE FED YOU FIFTY CENT EFFIGIES UNTIL YOU FORGOT HOW MUCH OF AN ART MOVEMENT HIP-HOP ALREADY WAS!!!


Human or Dancer?

WTF is that new Killers song about? I keep hearing it everywhere, ok i haven’t looked up the lyrics or seen the video (until findin it for this post!) but that shouldn’t have to explain a song…  I don’t mind an abstract painting but abstract lyrics? Surely thats just someone pretending to be clever and wanting to hear the sound of there own voice… Isn’t a dancer human? If you dance do you loose all human traits or humanity making you a non human? Is he referring to a dancer being led by a song and a human being led by themselves? Does that make dancer a dirty word? Can you see how perplexed i am about this mad arse tune!!!

Myspace messages


Message from myspace Madison


It has been ages since i’ve been on myspace so today i sat and went through as many of the messages as i could that were overflowing from my inbox. Big shout to all who have been in touch, as always is dope to read your thoughts and feelings in relation to the music thats out there, not so dope to have to delete all that spam!! My apologies for not being able to get back to every single one of of ya a bit more personally ;)  One that i did manage to read was from a lovely chica called Madison who lives in the US of A and came to party at the Monster Massive Halloween Bash i played at last year in LA. I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing this, its just that alot of people ask about the meaning or reasons behind certain songs i’ve written, i figured this post could kill a fair few birds like a stone as well as help with the college assignment!