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Spike and Kanye ;)

Spike & Kanye

I couldnt have put it better than the lovely Andrea3K ‘I wish this was real’. Brings a smile to my face even if one persons acting gives the game away f*cough*ish…. (more…)

What is a Harajuku Barbie?

Ok im drunk hence totally random post but seriously…for a second…don’t you just hate girls who chat confidently about shit they know nothing about? (more…)

You are Daft Punk!

Well you can be in the cyber sense. Miho my Tokyo hostess with the mostess sent a link to this rather amusing online drum machine, filled with the glorious samples of Daft Punks Harder Better Faster as sampled by Kanye. Que hours of endless combinations all which make you feel like a super satr DJ…just keep them headphones on if your in the office though!

Don’t care how i want it NOW!!

 I want this NOW!!

Designer Benjamin Hubert is killing me with this gorgeous botanical Martini glass, the perfect companion to the Bombay Sapphire bottle out of focus! House wifes of the world unite….how could this delicate gin vessel only receive runner up prize in the UK Bombay Sapphire designer glass comp?!? What came first?

Thank you (source)