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Kanye loves Fishsticks! LMFAO

Stemma Evans this is the reason why South Park is still on TV because it doesn’t give a f**k. Unlike everybody who loves to suck fishsticks!! Oh lord seriously i think i just peed my pants a little, his entourage in the flat, the mexican comedian whose name escapes me, Kanye saying he loves putting fishsticks in his mouth, muthaf*ckin gay fish, oh please stop it now…absolute classic!

The Curious Case of Mr West

No its not the latest home wreckage of Ms Miller but this rather curious picture of Kanye West the Vice already said ‘WTF are you doing to that dude?’ In his defence, it is fashion week, maybe he was smelling the dudes new class A scratch and sniff zipper…. *sniggers*

I love him really… Jenna Ration G

Kanye is not wearing socks.


Sorry to upset you and the rest of the Kanye knob jockeys but im sooooo over this dude right now…The latest 808 & Heartbreaks is an addition to his plagiarism of non-american art/music culture from the past 30 years and even worse eveyone is lapping it up AGAIN like he was the second coming. ‘Art rocks’, ‘contemporary is cool’, ‘alternative rap is the real hip-hop’…NO HIP-HOP WAS ALWAYS THIS COOL, MAIN STREAM JUST FORCE FED YOU FIFTY CENT EFFIGIES UNTIL YOU FORGOT HOW MUCH OF AN ART MOVEMENT HIP-HOP ALREADY WAS!!!