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Kanye is not wearing socks.


Sorry to upset you and the rest of the Kanye knob jockeys but im sooooo over this dude right now…The latest 808 & Heartbreaks is an addition to his plagiarism of non-american art/music culture from the past 30 years and even worse eveyone is lapping it up AGAIN like he was the second coming. ‘Art rocks’, ‘contemporary is cool’, ‘alternative rap is the real hip-hop’…NO HIP-HOP WAS ALWAYS THIS COOL, MAIN STREAM JUST FORCE FED YOU FIFTY CENT EFFIGIES UNTIL YOU FORGOT HOW MUCH OF AN ART MOVEMENT HIP-HOP ALREADY WAS!!!


Some DvD Justice!

Justice – A Cross The Universe – Trailer from INDUSTREATE on Vimeo.

I want to see this now, like yesterday even….one of my favourite albums of 2007 didn’t see them live but in every car and bedroom i played it in, it was going off!  Documentary includes cameos from Antony Kedis, the pair shopping for million dollar houses and my personal fav, Xavier & Gaspard kissing :)

DVD ‘Across the Universe‘ is out 24th November with a live CD mixed by Ed Banger, ill see you at the front of the queue!

Thanks to Trash Menagerie :)