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i have a dirty mouth

Evidence opening scene of this awesome trailer from the memorable momentous marathon that was the New Zealand Easter Weekender 2012. Ah happy happy days, big up to Dualray on the production, oh the fun you must of had putting that together :) (more…)

shocking statistics & 007 in drag

Whilst im chuckling at all the facebook status’s poking fun at todays international celebration of women  the statistics in this video as well as Daniel Craig in drag are far from amusing and should remind us all just how far there is to go until men and women are truely equal in this day and age… (more…)

only from one angle…

CHeeky head turner

On leaving Bikram last Wednesday i was confronted by the above advert in a betting shop window, the likeness of Neil Robertson (dude on far right) to a certain dnb DJ from this angle only is uncanny dont ya think….more importantly the dude on the far left also resembles a likeness for one of his MC’s or am i clutching at straws?


separated at birth?

Ok i know Josh Wink staring back at me in one of the ladies cubicles, Triangle Osaka…but can you guess which dnb dude i think he’s the spitting image of… (more…)

sunday sermon…

sunday jokes

N3rm you smashed it!

Twittering before dipping in the pool in the very hot South America (yes im rubbing it in whilst your all under 9 ft of snow) and came across this Rage Against The Machine flavoured tweet from N3rm, to much jokes, Im saying YES!

Super Super (jokes!)

Super Super's Naamalee

Ok im all about what ever you wanna be, do, represent, label yourself as…im a big supporter of the fact that we are our biggest fans (or at least should be, so shout about it). I especially love those fortunate souls from the old smoke (London) who can look further a field than the M25, maximum props to any media opp that shines a light on my home town… So it’s not necessarily a bad thing then that this particular episode of Super Super (produced by Ele:ven for Channel 4.) had me falling off my stool laughing is it? (more…)

I’ll stuff that f**king thing down your throat!! – Watch more free videos

Sunday, browsing the blogs i’ve missed in the week found this courtesy of whatchagunnado. LMAO then feel ridiculously guilty for laughing and scared like i’ve jinxed myself…would just die if someone did this too me, spiders are soooooooo not my thing! My reaction would have been alot like the woman who throws her bag at the wall and the too elder ladies who scream like b**ches!