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The Qemists Live @ Glastonbury 2009

Twas mad fun indeed, didnt manage to get any of the live stuff on film as all my batteries died quite early on… :( Spent most of the weekend with muddy feet and a smiley face, literally bumping into loads of people i knew and having a good ol knees up on various stages and in massive crowds! (more…)

My first rehearsal with The Qemists….

Down in Brighton last weekend for rehearsals with The Qemists and what a fun two days it was indeed. It was great to finally meet all the lads and rock the f**k out, which by the second day we totally did for a nice and surprisingly tight 40 minutes aka the set minus 2 tunes!! Lost Weekend which features Mike Patton is totally my favourite track of the album at the mo and sounds so sick live… (more…)