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sex in my frontroom….

sex in 2 cities

Did that grab your attention? Perverts, read on to cleanse your soul….


red, gold & green

Ok i think i choose a favourite from The Wiz it has to be this jazz fused, colour spectacular absolute genius of a song section with an awesome visual sequence, The Emerald City..dam there being no good videos of this up on Youtube…your gonna have to go watch the film for this songs full audio/visual impact!

can’t pick a favourite

Stayed up way to late last night/this morning watching The Wiz, probably the best musical made ever. If you have never heard of it quick story its Wizard of Oz with Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow, Diana Ross as Dorothy, Richard Pryor as The Wizard and Quincey Jones on Musical Production. CLASSIC in other words anyways there are too many amazing songs from this film, i’ve been trying all morning to pick just one to blog…it is impossible. The evil Evalines No Bad News is literally my morning soundtrack, Mean Old Lion is my jungle warrior stance, Ease on down the Road, Colour Gold (sampled by Ebony Bones ) and the rest are all equally as good as each other….ooooo except Lena Horne‘s song thats the only one i would fast forward but never did out of sheer respect and awe at the cabbage patch kids in the background were way to cute!!… i could go on and on and on about this movie the costumes, the performances, the set design but i wont ill just say if you have kids and they haven’t seen this your a bad parent, if you have seen it and think its shit, you have no taste. Have a nice day now ;)

Speech Debelle

What a perfect song and an even more perfect artist to find on such a perfect day. Fresh out of London town Speech Debelle is turning the sunset in my back garden into a rustic faraway scene. Honest lyrics i can understand, flows like water…natural and confident, enjoy as i am right now the song for the day Searching, avaliable on Itunes.

What a little moonlight will do….

Billie Holiday singing our song…

Jenna Ration G

Esperanza Spalding – Wow!!

Just found out about an amazing singer & bassist with the coolest name as well as a fro to die for! Esperanza Spalding hails from Portland Oregon USA and has been touted as the hope for the future of jazz music which is a very big ask for such a dainty looking 23 year old. Listening to her music or watchin her perform soon clears up any doubt though, this fly chica is uber talented and so mesmerizing to watch. I’ve never seen a singing ‘stand up bass’ player especially one so Black Panther styled as the fabulous Esperanza, whose passion and dedication to the genre is shown by such an awesome talent. Her self titled album came out last May, my favourites so far ‘Fall In‘, ‘She Got to You‘ and ‘I Adore‘ which is bumping in the background right now. If you like ya jazz your gonna love you some Esperanza Spalding *clicks fingers* and if your in Europe shes touring there right now you lucky things….just not in the UK :(