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the last time live…

Im all historical this afternoon and so revelling in letting you know that on this day in 1969 the Beatles played their infamous rooftop gig in Saville Row London. It was the last time they played live, which some people were probably quite happy about considering their dominance through the worldwide charts during the 60′s. However i think it would have been awesome to be walking along the swinging streets of 60′s London and stumble into this impromptu din over flowing from the roof top of the Apple building, totally groovy baby. I wonder what todays equivalent would be….maybe Jay Z doing a Madison Square Garden gig and then retiring from the stage as Hova….oh wait he already did that and then performed live at Glastonbury….. gutless grand gestures do my head in!

lets hear it for Newport!

LMFAO Luke Unabomber twitters some funny ish!

Better than Jay Z’s version!?

Im a staunch hater of Jay Z’s remix of Lil Wayne’s A Milli…so even though this is a completely different song, i will make a big and bold a statement as this one…..the first verse and chorus on this comedy effort are better than Jay’z's attempt to out rap the already perfect track…..don’t even get me started! Thanks to Miss Soulreal for this one x