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shuddertastic :)

So ladies did Santa bring you everything you wanted for xmas? Or are you currently trawling the sales still searching for a little piece of material happiness? Why brave the cold high streets instead cut the queues and jump straight to the smiles with the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane, the best xmas present of the year (thanks to Krista @ Babeland). Find out why this travel friendly water proof piece of equipment is a must have, just watch my review above, then let curiosity lead you to where you can purchase your own and so much more during their festive sale! Yay, im going back to bed ;)

Play on – Janelle Monae

A Cute, vintage, barbarella-esque robot runaway who expresses in a musical theatre type style as in epic…make way for Miss Janelle Monae. Played her on the show ages ago as part of Link This, Many Moons had a very Outkast feel but this one takes me back to a Phil Spector Era, the lyrics are a sick contrast to the retro sound. Found it browsing one of my fav myspaces the Black Socialite  this track has blown me away, im off to find more, hope you like :)