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Bond or Bourne?

Old debate which has took me a while to make my mind up on… Still half and half really, its a close call, their both secret goverment agents that flout rules and international laws to get their man or woman. Bond gets way more action…as in between the sheets. In a fist fight i think Bourne would take the pre 00′s Bond all day long, but Daniel Craig ain’t taken no shorts though in the recent 007 flicks making me lean on a whole towards Bond as the badder man. Not bad meaning bad but of course bad meaning good…but who do you thinks the baddest?

Lebron James seduction techniques


Personally i don’t think their that fly but im loving the concept of this new Nike advert for The Zoom Lebron IV. Starring Lebron and Nicole Scherzinger, who looks pretty dumpy out of heels (cue smug jealous smiles ladies…) Reminds me of the scene from Scary Movie when Ray (the homosexual in denial) gets his girl Brenda to dress up in his football gear, lmao!! Thanks to SoleDiction for the heads up.