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if it ain’t broken, today i ain’t listening

Ballin on a Budget was crazy last night big shout to the Broke n £nglish boys n crew for a right royal knees up! Still in the dancing mood im blasting out the Deep Down & Broken podcast (thank you Nicola!) why oh why are there only 4 of them? Anyways whilst 2 stepping i found this song which has to be the perfect companion for my long lost favourite Tequila 1800. Drink it warm, in the sun with this on the speakers you’ll be far from wrong ;)

have you got yours?

So yesterday saw the release of Flood of Emotions from myself and D1 on DubPolice, if you like go buy it and then tell your friends to do the same. If you havent heard it….erm well your a little late but no worries, why dont you sit back relax and check out the video ;)

long distance lover


According to the Babelands Briefs email i found in my inbox this morning, the above is better than chocolate and the answer to a sizzling long distance romance. Personally this news has come a little to late in the day however it seems you can hook this up to your Skype and it will react to the sound of your lovers voice, you can also plug it into your music player to be fondled by the bass n drums in ya playlist, ha haha. This is a feature i’ve heard of before, so i dont know why the whole  addition of its Skype compatibility makes me feel uncomfortable about the whole thing….any one out there agree/disagree, gonna get it/already has it to end the long distance agony?

loving this cheesy milk

Now some of you will cringe at this advert from Yeo Valley, the rest will realize its simplistic genius. I know im not the only one who bridged the gap between hip-hop and this milks name whilst browsing the dairy isle with the munchies. Ridiculous props for the Owl swagger, i need this as a gif, however what i don’t need is a copy of this on Itunes (available now, tut tut).

the peace has been disturb

Itunes shuffle i salute you for waking me from my Bjork induced daydream with this.

and so it begins

The UK is sooooo hot right now, the world is waiting for the next big thing and everybody on this island is having a bash at it! Am surprised to see DJ Manny Norte throwing his two decks in the mix, its been longtime me nah see ya breadbin! Im not taking the piss but i cant help but laugh whilst watching this he’s doing that whole 90′s producer in a video thing, its hard to take him seriously…however the years of training he’s had behind the decks and in the scene he’s got the diddy pose well and truely locked! J2K and Dready complete the line-up for the single ‘Breakin all the rules’ which is out now in the UK (at Tescos apparently, genius Manny just genius!).

playing with lego

lego green face

Finally technology catches up with my childhood obsession! Lego Photo for IPhone is free and currently my fav app from the store.  (more…)

random blazin!

Shuffling to my hearts content as always whilst listening to music on my Itunes, love it when it chucks in something I haven’t heard in a while. Thought i’d share this little drum and bass sing a long with the dirtiest bass courtesy of Mr Size…Blazin from New Zealands MC Tali’s debut album back in 2002!!

More again again please Tali and Roni that bass ridiculous, wah wah wa wa wa wah wah wa wa!!!

Just an added note seeing as i was talking about it with someone i don’t remember the other day, every time im in an airport i cant help but sing that song from the same album ‘Airport Lounge’ any other songs that talk about the travelling aspect of dj’in,mc/in?

Quad for all and all for Quad!

Last week i checked out a fellow Twitterers twitpic link to a shot he’d just taken on his IPhone with a new app, QuadCamera. It looked sick and immediately i ran as fast as my internet connection would take me to the Itunes online store to go get me a piece of the action… (more…)

A month of music

I finally did it! Big up my chest, i am a Mac magician…ok maybe a bit slow and still in training, but magic non the less : NERD ALERT : I finally got my all my itunes libraries into itunes on the new Mac without putting them on the internal hard-drive, simple maybe, geeky yes but this is what has made me happy!! You see i’ve got 7 years of itunes music, from 4 different computors spread over 2 external hard-drives, which i’ve been using in the complete wrong way thanks to some dufus in the Regent St Apple store…genius desk my arse. I haven’t had access to one of the drives for so long i’ve been mostly listening to music downloaded within the past 12 months, which hasn’t been bad but something was lacking. Cutting long to the short i googled the best way to have all my music show up on my new mac’s itunes in 1 library from the 2 drives and it worked, IM A MAC MASTER recognize! I also now have at my fingertips 25.7 days of pure unadulterated music that will take me through the past 7 years of my life…thats some deep ish! Im gonna keep it on random for a month or so, lol, can’t wait for the memories, its the right time for inspiration.