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oddbins vs the olympics

This has to be the funniest thing ive heard so far in the lead up to the games, Oddbins are launching a ‘marketing counter strike’ aimed at the draconian and quite absurdly harsh Olympic Branding laws which has stopped businesses in the capital and across the nation that aren’t official sponsors profiting from the games, banning the use of words such as “gold”, “Games”, “2012″, “summer” and “London” in any of their promotions. Ridiculous right? So Oddbins is offering a massive 30% discount to any of their customers who kit themselves out in branding rivals to the LOCOG main sponsors. Turn up in a pair of Nike trainers, with a set of Vauxhall car keys, an RBS MasterCard, an iPhone, a bill from British Gas and a receipt for a Pepsi bought at KFC and you will receive 30 per cent off your purchase! (source)

in my own little world

if it ain’t broken, today i ain’t listening

Ballin on a Budget was crazy last night big shout to the Broke n £nglish boys n crew for a right royal knees up! Still in the dancing mood im blasting out the Deep Down & Broken podcast (thank you Nicola!) why oh why are there only 4 of them? Anyways whilst 2 stepping i found this song which has to be the perfect companion for my long lost favourite Tequila 1800. Drink it warm, in the sun with this on the speakers you’ll be far from wrong ;)

dam pictures!

dam it aint much

dam coffee shop


monday music

my 1st twitvid @ hoya hoya

Just incase you missed my first video ever tweeted from my BRAND NEW 3GS (im in love with a phone) whilst stood side of stage at Hoya Hoya last Saturday night… here it is in all its ‘im stood right next to the speaker glory!’

Silvius Brabo ;P

Antwerp Great Market Sq

This weekend whilst in Antwerp i managed to fit a flit of sightseeing in between the 2 gigs, studio & drinking sessions. There was only one thing i really wanted to see and that was the  statue of Silvius Brabo ‘the hand tosser’ whose actions Antwerp is allegedly named after… (more…)

Whats it all a bot?

If you dont know im on twitter quite a lot thanks to the handy IPhone app, where ever when ever whatever im twitting, with some exceptions :P Any ways a few times i’ve had my tweets repeated by automated Twitter accounts due to particular words used in my tweet, i believe they are called bots… (more…)

I need my Toobz tied!


Ok for ya’ll that didn’t know i have a terribly addictive personality, i mean that in boths ways i.e. you cant get enough of me and i cant get enough of whatever it is has took my fancy… (more…)

Medicom kill it with Be@rbrick for IPhone!!

Bearbrick for Iphone

Earlier this week a close and fashionable friend tex’d me to tell me about the sickest IPhone App thus far. Especially for those like like their toys! I can’t think of anything clever or witty to say about it, i just want, want, want one now! (more…)

Talking Twitter = Audio Boo

audio boo

Got an Iphone, addicted to Twitter but getting bored of typing, then this little app is definately for you, still in its early stages but with bags of potential. AudioBoo allows you to record up to 3 mins of audio into your IPhone which then is published on line for the world to listen to! (more…)

Quad for all and all for Quad!

Last week i checked out a fellow Twitterers twitpic link to a shot he’d just taken on his IPhone with a new app, QuadCamera. It looked sick and immediately i ran as fast as my internet connection would take me to the Itunes online store to go get me a piece of the action… (more…)

Tokyo Snaps – Monday

White vs Black

Thats the Iphone not a racial debate…or is it? Finally i got the insurance through on my mobile that some scab stole from Mint Lounge in December. Yes it has took 2 months of phone calls, emails and irrate detective work by myself to finally get the £400 or so from LSG but today i reigned victorious!! So in a few days i will have been reimbursed and back to my upgraded 3G Iphone but oooo, theres a new choice in store a shiny white one, that would look lovely next to my used macbook on charge. But the black…that shiny ebony effect, chic black back of the original is so sleek looking…i cant decide…maybe ya’ll who have either could argue the case for me?

Qemists on tour in Europe find who their supporting later @ Jenna Ration G

UPDATE – 21.02.09: Got the white one and its lurvely ;)

Instant access!


What would I do without my iPhone? Suffer severe withdrawl symptoms from lack of instant access most likely! I need the world in my hand bag, it’s a must that I have the facility to google my way through a pub quiz or win a heated debate in my back pocket. Having every tex message i’ve sent and recieved logged in a iChat convo style is imperitive when u have a brain as sieve like as mine. Being able to instantly reference any YouTube video that pops up in conversation driving at 85mph down the M1, is a work of modern technological wonderment. Apple as per usual I salute you for this, I stand and applaud raucously at the applications available to fill up my screen and travel time! In particular I am in awe that I can now post to my blog on the move thanks to an apple app from WordPress that was free to download! Amazing, however one thing that would make this awesome invention even sweeter, being able to put links in a post. Just a little thought…..

Twitteriffic twittering old boy!


Jenna G going crazy in the tea aisle at 24hr Tescos

Jenna G going crazy in the tea aisle at 24hr Tescos


I am absolutely hooked on the Twitterific App for Iphone & Ipod, i don’t know why but i am compelled to tell the world where i am and what i’m doing even if it looks a bit sad! Speaking of sad if you ain’t on Twitter then i think now is the time for you to go forth and tell them all what your doing…i know i wanna know! Personally the best thing about Twitter is you can sync it with a mobile phone to tex your updates where ever your at, however on the Iphone app you can go one better and take a picture to post with your twitters…..Isnt technology brilliant? If you do sign up make sure you follow me like the yellow brick road!