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Song FT Day – Mama Cass

Since i been away in Japan i haven’t been smoking that much green…in fact for the first time in like 6 years i’ve not had any for a total of 5 days. Shock horror, i know but im not feeling to bad from it at all nor am i craving it as much as i was before i headed east. One thing i’ve noticed apart from being ridiculously grumpy on occasions (sorry Sam!) is that im dreaming again. Glorious technicolour dreams filled with people i’ve just met and others who i haven’t seen in years. Thoughts i’ve not had in ages are saturating my sleeping hours, regurgitating places and feelings i’d completely forgotten or just found.
Last nights dream was a mix of old and new, set to the backdrop of a film starring the two Coreys, Dream a little Dream. When i awoke this song with the same name echoed in my ears…I wonder if he dreamed a little dream of me too?

Jenna Ration G

HussainDeyn x Nylon

Just started reading Nylon last year, picked up copies in Oz and the US, instantly hooked by its broad coverage of fashion, art and music in its electic and kooky style. So dope then to see some Manny representaton in there from HussainDeyn. Emily (Deyn) and i met on the set of The Shapeshifters video shoot for New Day, a far cry from the epi centre of cool in which she now resides. Alongside her partner in art crime they have tittilated my senses since moving back to Manchester (where they met at Uni) with such projects as Combination of Space and Zone me, Zone you amongst others. Moving swiftly on to the t-shirt game im all about getting my hands on one of these little beauties from their latest project Long May She Reign which debuted at the Anna Sui NYC fashion week show. Have to agree with the girls, Queen Liz is totally the original G, shame about the rest of the clan!

Muh muh Monday Mixtape – Son of Kick

Dam Japan has got me so busy the blogging fell a little behind…but how could i not give ya a Muh muh Monday mixtape though even if all my links are on my Mac at home. Dam it i should have synced before i left…anyhoo the Itunes shuffle has been in overdrive since we landed and this little beauty jumped out at me yesterday on the bullet train back from Osaka. Son of Kick, currently out in OZ recharging his batteries, let this little beauty off for free last November. Showcasing his mash up skills of madness, dope sounds and eclectic talent ‘Les Enfants Terribles‘ should see you through this week nicely. Im blasting it out this morning while overlooking the Hachiko crossing, its funny cause they look like their dancing to it!

If your in Melbourne he’s playing at the Croft Institute tonight (7th) and the 14th, get him while he’s hot ;)

Enjoy! Jenna Ration G

Song F.T. Day – Thunderheist

Out in Japan on a Ninjatune family outing one could say….Coldcut, Yppah, The Bug and Thunderheist alongside The Qemists have been filling the bill in Osaka and Tokyo…some of them i’d heard of before the trip, some i had not. Isis & Graham from Canada aka ying & yang make up Thunderheist and im liking their vibe, musically for sure. Check this track out for a sample of their sound, Little Booty girl also featured in the Wrestler… Drinks are on them!

Jenna Ration G

Hotel View in Tokyo

We’re staying in Shibuya right on top of the train station and the infamous scramble crossing which i can see from my bedroom….sick! Is amazing how no one except the foreigners bump into each other while crossing ;)

Making the most with my Iphone camera @ Jenna Ration G

Gareth Pugh Autumn/Winter 09

I appreciate the talent of this guy however i have had issues with the wearabilty of his outfits for me personally…that was until now. Catchin up on blogs whilst hanging round backstage at Liquid Roms, Jak & Jil have had the best snaps from all the fashion weeks so far and that’s wear i fell in love with the above. (more…)

Song F.T. Day – Mistabishi

Ok mentioned Mistabishi and their fabulous tune ‘Printer Jam‘ in Panda Tape blog, here is a dope remix of a just as dope song Science of Fear by Temper Trap download it for free at their website!

Enjoy ;) Jenna Ration G

4 pretty nifty inventions

Ok so a friend of mine and his Dad have a design company that are on the way to a million for sure thanks to these little inventions. Small, simple and very effective however my favourite has to be the most unnecessary but highly enjoyable, ‘Quick Draw‘ phone holder..makes me wanna get out my Motorola V out all over again *gun noises* ;) Spread the love and share this vid with whoever, where ever to help a friend indeed and make sure you leave some lovely comments on the Youtube site, no hateration please *more gun noises*

Updated video how the hell did my travel itinerary get in there??

Total world domination kisses, Jenna Ration G

Muh Muh Monday Mixtape – Toddla T

Yeah i know…its almost like a feature…except the last one was on a Wednesday but thats irrelevant right now. Join me as i start a quest, discovering old and new mixtapes…oooo already im sooo excited, gotta dig out my DJ Rectangle Wax on Wax Off classic for a future post. Don’t forget to check past posts under MUSIC for more mixtape madness. Right about now though i dedicate my very first Muh Muh Monday Mixtape to the sonically effervescent, northern dub gyalist, Manabadman extraordinaire Toddla T! Finally met him at TTC last week, much fun, prompted me to dig out his banger Ghettoblaster…didn’t have to dig that far either as it came out last year. Get your own grubby little hands on it here if you haven’t already (doh!) then go explore his space where you’ll also find the jam-up tracklisting!!

Off to Japan in 2 days and online all the way @ Jenna Ration G

This is why your fat!

This looks tasty.

This does not.

Thank you Faldo for putting me off eating ce soir. More gross indulgences at This is why you’re

Bye bye weekend… Jenna Ration G!

Song for the Day – Lykke Li

I want to be all curled up with you this morning, though we’ve never before i know it would be all warm n cosy, like this song and ya crib. From the album Youth Novels by Lykke Li, its got me thinking oh so sweet and jus a ‘Little Bit‘ dirty…

Jenna Ration G

Song for the Day – Esser

There is no need for this video from last years pop skinhead Esser…its a great idea however Esser gives a shakey performance which is the complete opposite to the ever so lovely song I Love You. The whole concept of a skin head singing to an electro pop backing track, with the ‘im not bothered’ attitude and pessimistic similes is a bit of a contradiction but i really like this tune, even if the video sucks. Sticking the fingers down the throat, and throwing up on ya self at the end….why? Anyone…..anyone?

Saturday, Saturday. Saturday @ Jenna Ration G

Song for the Day – Bostich

Listening to some Fabric CD in Chris from Stealths cruiser the other day, this came in the mix! I haven’t heard it in ages, neither did i know the name til now… ‘Bostich’ (huh?) from Yello is a glorious mish-mash of synth drum frenzy, syncopated melody line and nonsense lyrics heaven….sing along now!

Party tonight? Play safe people ;) Jenna Ration G

Song for the Day – Yuksek

Fell in love with this little jam squeezed in between Birdy Nam Nam & Black Sheep on The Panda Tape vol 7. So Down from Yuksek is exactly the kind of thing to start a Thursday morning with a glorious bang, featuring David from Chromeo…marry me in a powder blue tuxedo please!

Its nearly the weekend :) Jenna Ration G

Listening to… The Panda Tape Vol 7

Saw this go up last night on the Stereo Panda blog, their mixtapes always bring the heat in a french stylee ;) Listening right now, Printer Jam (Mistabishi) is LARGE, jus got a pull up, Kenna Say Goodbye 2 Love got me hip wigglin even with a sore tattoo, wait is this the guy from Chromeo? Sick! Anyways nuff tunes, from the dudes with nuff talent and the bad boy designs.

Listen here… here

Or download it for free and check out tracklisting at Stereo Panda!

Links for days @ Jenna Ration G

Song for the Day – Stewie Griffin

Those that know me are aware that the only way i will have a baby anytime soon is if i can get a guarantee it will be like Stewie Griffin (tell him to ‘sing a song’ lmao!) from Family Guy. Forget the fact he’ll be trying to kill me all the time, why are you bringing me down man?

‘and then we go back to my house!’ @ Jenna Ration G

Song for the Day – Cerrone

For all the junkies hooked on whatever floats ya boat, heres a little AA disco notion to kick that habit! I will be shuffling round in a disco diva stylee to this one, ya joining me?

Dude i want that t-shirt!

Twitter is a wonderful thing. Confid3ntial tweeted link to The Daily FIXie where i found this…. *cue Veruca Salt voice* I want it NOW!!

Acting like a spoilt brat today @ Jenna Ration G :P

Live Fast Die Old – Munk

Munk on a Monday morning, with a message so simple. Enjoy!

Birthday round up on the way @ Jenna Ration G

Congrats Mr Lewis

Watching the Oscars and of course Tweeting all the way through. Just watched Jerry Lewis pick up the Humanitarian award, reminded me of how much i used to laugh at this clip when i was little…and still do now! lol

My first birthday cards!

Theres nothing like a home made card in any variety these just so happened to be my first cars of the day, muchos gracias and beso family and friend who is family xoxox…Big thanks also for all the book of fass shouts as well very much appreciated on this special day… :)

Qemists in Middlesbrough tonight AKA my birthday updates @ Jenna Ration G

Male Camel Toe Solution

I don’t care if this isnt new, it made me pee my pants laughing this afternoon after a rather heinous run in with ‘the bank that shall not be named’. Ballgina, Scrogoatus…oh lord please dont give me any more words that i can’t use when i eventually do get around a naked man close up again….

Mistajam – Eggs, Soldiers, Beans on Toast!!

I have ying and yang feelings about the original song but this is a stone cold classic, i had this exact thing for lunch today…cosmic :P

MCT Public Service Announcement on the way @ Jenna Ration G

True Ingredients – Space n Time

Last year i was drunk outside Yoyo’s in Nottinghill, such a rare occasion i remember it like it was yesterday…. A young man looking like the love child Ludacris & Jamie Rutter walked up to me with an extrodainary gift, a pair of sunglasses containing his band True Ingredients brand new album ‘Prepare & Assemble’. I do believe it was a worlds first (not me getting free sh*t), an album on a pair of sunglasses…’Impressive’ they quoted me ‘but hang on’ i declared when unwrapping the shades which looked very plain to contain an album ‘where exactly is the music’. Mr Milk soon put me straight, by going online typing in the website and code on the side of the sunnies i could download their album for free, genius and keeps me thinking about them when tanning by pool, classy! First single is looking set to drop this spring and im definately feeling the Arrested Development/Fugees/City High/Black Eyed Peas (before Fergie) crossover appeal this band have, with such an international set up and great sound i hope to be seeing alot more of this group in 2009.