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International Log x Ren & Stimpy!


Remember Ren & Stimpy with its cool jazz intro, very adult off the wall scripts and totally bizarre storylines? Man that was some good tv, i hadn’t thought about that show in ages until today. Saw this video International Log and spat my coffee out laughing, so obviously went on a search for more… (more…)

Happy 7th Birthday +160!

NIcholas Faig +160

Last year i was very lucky to be able to perform in South America longside W10 label owner and DJ Danny Wheeler. We partied hard with Omik and crew in Venezuela and had a truely magical night way down in Argentina at the legendary +160. (more…)

True Ingredients – Space n Time

Last year i was drunk outside Yoyo’s in Nottinghill, such a rare occasion i remember it like it was yesterday…. A young man looking like the love child Ludacris & Jamie Rutter walked up to me with an extrodainary gift, a pair of sunglasses containing his band True Ingredients brand new album ‘Prepare & Assemble’. I do believe it was a worlds first (not me getting free sh*t), an album on a pair of sunglasses…’Impressive’ they quoted me ‘but hang on’ i declared when unwrapping the shades which looked very plain to contain an album ‘where exactly is the music’. Mr Milk soon put me straight, by going online typing in the website and code on the side of the sunnies i could download their album for free, genius and keeps me thinking about them when tanning by pool, classy! First single is looking set to drop this spring and im definately feeling the Arrested Development/Fugees/City High/Black Eyed Peas (before Fergie) crossover appeal this band have, with such an international set up and great sound i hope to be seeing alot more of this group in 2009.

Its all about the flow…

Foreign hip-hop, i love it and finally i found someone else who does too. Late friday night, Saturday morning round at Mr Reasons house on the old youtube i showed him Notkea Rotte and The Russians he fired back with a nice Italian selection which i was far too drunk to remember the name of (please post links if you know of any). Now i dont know if he understands what their saying cause to be honest i certainly don’t but we both agreed its not about understanding every lyric its more about the flow. (more…)

Notkea Rotte – Bangkok here we come!

I like Norwegian Hip-Hop from Jenna G on Vimeo.

I love me some foreign hip-hop and down under i found out about a whole host of funky sounding people i’d never heard of before. Christmas day on the beach and Jesse from Norway introduced me to Flexible Rat aka Notkea Rotte and their rather catchy song Täältä tullaan Bangkok (Bangkok, Here We Come)! Ok i can only understand the chorus but the backing track is catchy as hell, plus after listening to some of their other stuff their flow on this is ridiculous, Norwegian ain’t that easy to rhyme in ya know! Couldn’t find a video online suitable enough to share with you on here, so i made one myself!

Enjoy Jenna Ration G