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walkman vs hoover

Stuff vs Stuff ‘Walkman vs Hoover’ from Sumo Science on Vimeo.

To celebrate the end of not being able to hoover the house for a month, thank to my Dyson blowing up and having to wait for the insurance to kick it, i give you a brilliant Stuff vs Stuff battle from Sumo Science, WalkMAN vs Hoover (get it!?!). My carpet would also like to thank the Dyson man and his traveling mat for fixing my machine so fast!

White vs Black

Thats the Iphone not a racial debate…or is it? Finally i got the insurance through on my mobile that some scab stole from Mint Lounge in December. Yes it has took 2 months of phone calls, emails and irrate detective work by myself to finally get the £400 or so from LSG but today i reigned victorious!! So in a few days i will have been reimbursed and back to my upgraded 3G Iphone but oooo, theres a new choice in store a shiny white one, that would look lovely next to my used macbook on charge. But the black…that shiny ebony effect, chic black back of the original is so sleek looking…i cant decide…maybe ya’ll who have either could argue the case for me?

Qemists on tour in Europe find who their supporting later @ Jenna Ration G

UPDATE – 21.02.09: Got the white one and its lurvely ;)

Free Oranges = Good Advertising + Good Feelings!

Orange you glad you took the bus

On the way home from the radio this afternoon i walked past a bus stop advert that contained oranges…every minute one of these fresh pieces of fruit was dispatched for whoever was standing by! Genius, not only because it makes you stand for exactly the amount of time needed to read the information about Pru Health Insurance but it also caused a healthy conversation between strangers at a bus stop in London!! Can you believe it i watched in awe as these two chav’esq guys politely conversed with a 80 women who wasn’t even clutching her handbag! I also engaged in a bit of par-lay and they agreed to pose for me blog!! Lmao love it ;)