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playin on the radio, 1000 soul songs

Finally its ready to unleash on the world, mine and Dies new tune 1000 soul songs or as its affectionately known up in Gutterfunk HQ 1000 mixdowns ;) Big shout to Mistajam for playin it twice Monday night and huge respect to all the people giving such lovely feedback. Due for release in summer we dedicate this one to the loves that inspired it xx

the piano has been drinking

Blog world today is alight with irrelevant news about Tom Waits & Heath Ledger. I totally would either one , but thats not what this blog is about. Lots of people posting the above video mentioning the fact that Toms 29yr old self may have been the inspiration from the late great Heath Ledgers Joker. I can see it kind of but really im just using it as an excuse to post my favourite song by Mr Waits… (more…)

eastern inspiration

samurai Gina Drewes


stop for 4 mins

Breathe it in, then go about your day…

song writing….

Been quite quiet on the old blog front for a few weeks, my aplogies for anyone thats bothered. The reason for my absence has been down to being absorbed in song writing mode, its been emotional but so much fun locked in my front room with only an internet connection, garageband and a pen and pad! So many people have been sending me awesome backing tracks to work with and im well excited about getting them all finished and out there for you all to hear. The song writing process has also dragged up some absoulutely classic albums for inspiration, today im all over Thin Lizzy like a rash Jimmy The Weed, Randolphs Tango, Don’t Believe A Word, Whiskey in the Jar and this one Still In Love With You from the Live & Dangerous album, the guitar section is so beautiful im actually crying….

God please let me marry a guitar player x

make more men like this…

El De Barge seriously the right amount of cheese! Listening to lots of fun 80′s party tracks for inspiration while writing my ass of this week cannot stop contemporary jazz stepping to this…you’ll hear all very soon :P

Jim Lambie

Carrying on from my favs from London Fashion Week i looked up Scottish artist Jim Lambie who was the inspiration to Matthew Williamsons’ very popular show and really liked what i found… (more…)

Miss Van

london - notting hill

Today im mostly wanting to be one of Miss Vans fabulous creations. The hair, the eyes, the lips, the thighs….imagine walking into a room looking like that…GAME OVER for the rest of the ladies thats for sure…i wonder if you can be reincarnated as a drawing? (more…)

Im in the House – Steve Aoki & Zuper Blahq

In the House cover

Talked about it so gotta blog it just incase you didn’t go on over to Stereo Pandas original post, Dim Daks CEO and big time remixer Steve Aoki presents his first solo release ft Zuper Blahq…. (more…)

Work It Inspiration 90′s Music!

For all your needs

Ah the good old days, when i thought by the time it was 2009 i would be accepting my record breaking-ly early lifetime achievement Moonman on the MTV awards whilst bearing up through a messy divorce to Edward Furlong…

My favorite video from 95, dam Method Man was the be all and end all!

Robin Matto x Me!

‘Rising Woe’

‘Manchester Disco’


Im off to get inked….

About a year ago i was struck by sporadic inspiration (thanks dickhead!) which gave way to an idea for my next tattoo! Its took me a year to find the time, money and decide on a font but the day has finally arrived…my first rib tatt will commence at 1pm, pass thru Oldham St (with present!!) if you fancy seeing me half naked and in pain. Oooo the burn but its sooo gonna be worth it!

The miserable little flake wants half!

Ok so im reading the NOTW and trying not to scream out loud at the audacity of the scrotum herpe that is also known as Blake Fielder-Civil….because SURPRISE he’s divorcing Amy on the grounds of adultery and wants half of her 10 million fortune! LMFAO are you sh*tting me? (more…)

Melbourne Art @ NGV

Melbourne 08

Melbourne 2008

I got stood up by the ping pong ravers this afternoon who were gonna take me shopping, so instead i found myself strolling along in Melbourne CBD amidst the sale shoppers and tourists….stumbled upon an amazing building which in turn was the National Gallery. (more…)

Oushka Duncan

Wow, im in awe and inspired to get out my felt tips and biros…such beautiful sketch work, looks kidlike at times and Gaudi-esque at others, amazing! Just seen the Saw poster yesterday which struck the living fear of god into me, so weird to discover Oushka as Artist of the Week the very next day who drew the inspiration for the poster…Picked out my favourites from the post over at C’est La Vie where you can check out the rest at your leisure.


Todays Inspiration

Inspiration for this weeks session….

Come and holla if your in the Reading endz, back in the studio with Catch 22 this is the weeks inspiration….

I can’t wait to see what we got at the end of the week ;)

My girls are gone…

This weekend was a really good one, infact the past 3 weeks with Sammy B in the country has been an absolute blast and as always an inspiration! From Mac‘s to mac’ing it, open mics to election night, 5 star to WTF star?! Rounding it all up this Sunday at Charlottes wedding was just perfect,  sharing such an important occasion with two of my closest friends was amazing. Im still beaming remembering how gorgeously happy Charlotte looked and how much love there is between her and her husband. Similarly being privy to Sam and her fellas interactions thru various forms of digital communication this weekend alone, thanks to the amount of hotel rooms we’ve shared, has got me all warm and fuzzy inside, except when its at 6am in the morning Wes! (Drunk texing!!! lol) It would be great if i lived near to either one of my gurls, if we were neighbours or in the same neighbourhood, all the time we share never seems enough, theres always more stories, jokes, feelings to share, schemes, plots and plans to concoct. Sat at the wedding holding back the tears (of joy!) i began thinking how much im looking forward to growing old with these fabulous women as part of my life, sharing in their highs and lows whilst being supported by them through mine. Feel ridiculously lucky to know i’ve got not one but two such awesome people to share stuff with :)