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coming home to you

Caught Hoodman last night at Moho Live why isnt this fella on my tv?? Truely awesome talent who i do not see or hear enough of…remember first hearing in this tune from UK Team and Konny Kon (Broke n £nglish ) when i had my show on 1Xtra. The manny accent and free flowing story line made me home sick as hell living in London. Even though it wasn’t packed in Moho last night (shame on to many people  for a number of different reasons) the vibe was live and everyone who grabbed the mic smashed it big shouts to Siege, Hoodman, Mr Fox & Freestyle for a proper hip-hop evening :P

Back home!

Just call me Lewis Hamilton from Reading to Manchester in 2.5 hours!!! Missed my house so much and was convinced it had been raped and pillaged whilst i was away creating. Had nightmares all week about some chav theif from the Merseybank estate walking around in my gorgeous MOB dunks!! Thank god nothing of the sort happened, feeling relieved, accomplished, kinda sad, a little nostalgic and a bit lonely but this put a smile on my face!

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

Thanks NOTE blogger!

Missing the world of parties in London tonight…maybe im feeling left out, out of what i dont rightly know but still….