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von d & phe phe

So the past weekend i was in Holland and Belgium to smoke trees and watch the mighty purple one …in the background a constant soundtrack of dope tunes thanks to all the selectors i chilled with, some mighty tunes a get dropped.  This is from Sundays’ Kip Madras dinner….which by the way was the first time i’d had an apple in curry…tres interestant no?!?! Anyways Von D & Phe Phe (me likey more than the Skreamix) Show Me :)

ya dam skippy!

A Late night phone call from Alexander Nut means that tonight im off to Amsterdam to play at Strange Fruit, am i excited? Ya dam skippy i am, Jean Claude Van Dam and Yosemite Sam, ill see you in the DampKring  by 6pm ;)

now we can all play with noisia…


Just seen the link to this on twitter this afternoon thanks to Jaïn for letting me know it was up and running again. ‘Shoot to the beat, dont over heat’ are the instructions, as with most computor games i dont really get it (see my score!) but the musics good (obviously!) and tis fun to see the Noisia lads popping up on the side of screen with game hints and the like. Perfect for those boring moments at work/school/whereever, now go shoot stuff in time to dirty beats ;)

Just kill me now – Last look, Noisia…

Nosia logo

Its so deep and has nothing to do with me but feels like it was recorded with a microphone placed inside my mind, taking the last look of Sardinia, of anyone or anything special surely sounds like this… (more…)

Qemists Live @ DNNB XL

dnnb xl

I don’t know why i have never searched for videos of The Qemists performing live before today but there is a hell of alot of stuff online, thanks to all you lot armed with camera phones who have rocked out at a Qemist’s show. (more…)

Pete Philly & Perquisite

So i finally met my lil bro Harry Vah, he stayed over with the Qemists in Antwerp. Was mad fun hanging with him, we talked about our hearts, life and lots of music. This group he played me and instantly i was hooked, hailing from Holland Pete Philly & Perquisite have that old school hip-hop sound, live instruments, pianos, flutes, positive vibes and laid back flows. Their mission is to bring analog sounds back in times of plastic, you gotta love em. I downloaded their album Mystery Repeats from Itunes after hearing just one track from it on their myspace, I dare you not to do the same esp. if your an old skool hip-hop lover!