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djs stopped me blogging

Kyrstal Klear @ Eurocultured

If you’ve missed me and my random self centered blogging let me first apologise for my absence it wasnt my fault i blame all the djs mentioned in this post. If you havent missed me then what the hell you reading this for? SHOOO! Anyways got a little hectic after last weeks bank holiday, feels like im still catching up with myself after a week of late nights north and south!


What a coincedence!

So last week one of the SFTD was Esser. He debuted last year and is currently touring with Kaiser Chiefs however i had no idea who he was til i found that glorious song, which was last week…. Any hoo cut to Monday at Hit n Run and whose outside tryin to get in amidst the 100 crowd throng….Well no other than Esser and his band…. How fucking strange!?!?! Of course i introduced my blog tastic self, told him the throwing up was completely unnecessary and then got him and crew into an amazing night down at Mint for nada! Ooo wee thats a first :) Big up Rich Reason n door staff and how could i forget the selector that smokes in illegal places….SKREAM!!

No to noise pollution nonsense!

So whilst children in care are being left for dead and pedophiles roam the local primary schools incognito, Manchester City Council are clamping down where it really matters….Noise Pollution! Yes that’s right polluting the air with loud and offensive noises is a very grave deal round here, in fact Hit n Run lost there spot at the Attic (is that such a bad thing?) due to some serious bass seepage…lord knows what happened to those pigeons trapped over the doorway…bless! Seriously though, what a fooking bunch of time wasters and why oh why do they always want to stop people having fun? Fancy sticking it to the MAN(chester city council) then sign this petition to stop the war on our big bass bins!!

Daily doses of me at Jenna Ration G

Riz is Dead Set on sonnets


Couple of weeks back the Tru Tiger crew were in Manchester, joining them was Riz MC, whose out to party again 2moro at Hit n Run after supporting Wiley in Liverpool…he’s a busy man indeed, spent all last week on the TV in E4′s Dead Set, which i missed but am gonna catch up on this evening right here! Anyways in between running from Zombies and bouncing scouse crowds with heavy tracks like the one above, he now is also writing sonnets…we had a drunken little chat about lyric writing and i suggested giving it a go, bumped into him at Yoyo’s on Thursday where he told me he’s on it and already completed 1!! Dam im highly influencial on the liquor…be wary people ;)