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dont panic straight jacket heist

Dont Panic has put the heightened security presence in the Olympic capitial to the test, whilst at the same time highlighting the ever present discrimination against mental illnesses in the work place. Their mission, to get straight jackets on four statues of great Britons, who each suffered from mental health without getting arrested. Genius idea, also didnt know Florence Nightingale was Bipolar, go figure!


I’ve been mad depressed. Life is good but the stuff its thrown at me the past 3 months has been alot to deal with. Some might say i haven’t (dealt with it) but im still here and will eternally climb back on top of things. The knock on effect however has been a shell like exsistence, hard and shiny exterior with nothing much  but a distance sound inside. Its hard to talk to people about it but doing so can make it seem a little less frightening, still my lips remain sealed at the best of times….go figure ;)

Free Oranges = Good Advertising + Good Feelings!

Orange you glad you took the bus

On the way home from the radio this afternoon i walked past a bus stop advert that contained oranges…every minute one of these fresh pieces of fruit was dispatched for whoever was standing by! Genius, not only because it makes you stand for exactly the amount of time needed to read the information about Pru Health Insurance but it also caused a healthy conversation between strangers at a bus stop in London!! Can you believe it i watched in awe as these two chav’esq guys politely conversed with a 80 women who wasn’t even clutching her handbag! I also engaged in a bit of par-lay and they agreed to pose for me blog!! Lmao love it ;)