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mucky halloween

catching up on music

Spending some of my halloween sunday catching up on soundcloud, loving this Mickey Smiley re-edit from Mr Johnny Miller, nice chilled tune on theme for the afternoon. Another fav after the jump is a mix from DJ Akira Ishi at the Worldwide Showcase in Tokyo, best thing is both are available to download for free :)


ode to the spider

Somewhere in my frontroom is a monster, its present location is currently unknown. This unsettles me somewhat, having met if face to face only once i cannot be to sure of its exact type or species but one thing is for sure, its big and i dont like it. Sitting here on the couch half asleep i swear its somewhere watching me with its beady little eyes *skin crawling*. Fight the fear i must, be at one with the beast and so a dedication, to take this creepy crawly feeling away, ode to the eight legged invader.

hip-hop halloween

zombie hip hop

‘Trick or Treat FOOL!’ would be my preferred one liner if i were a mugger or car jacker, delivered in the unmistakable tone of B Real from Cypress Hill. Kinda scary huh? Much like this spooktastic Halloween weekend in which so far i’ve seen Terence from South Park, the bride of Frankenstein and a drunk Kranky with monster hands strolling in broad daylight on the streets of Chorlton. Happy Halloween, its a bit of an ironic phrase no? Wouldn’t it make more sense to say Horrifying/Ghastly/Ghoulish Halloween?  In addition Thriller, Monster Mash and Backstreets Back are all overplayed, please shop keepers and bar owners get schooled to these other ghoulish tracks for this time of year…


A Pumpkins for life, not just Halloween.

Pumpkin Festival

Thats right you carvers of wasted flesh, if a Pumpkin was a puppy would you have gutted it so carelessly for one night of visual pleasure and then be throwing it on the bonfire later? I think not therefore behold the wondrous vegetable that is the mighty Pumpkin/Squash and fall in love with its many guises…. (more…)

Free Mix Urban Nerd Style :P


If i was in the UK this Halloween weekend i know i’d be heading out with my sister to Urban Nerds @ The Macbeth in Shoreditch. (more…)

Frighteningly good shows

Driving down to London last night i listened to 2 of the best shows for a Halloween Eve both courtesy of Radio 2. First up was Mark Lemars ‘Shake, Rattle n Roll’ i’ve listened to this before and he plays some wicked  Reggae, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Alternative Sixties tunes, has seasons for the different genres!! Last night was a spooky theme and all the songs contained references to Zombies, black cats, Witches etc. was some really dope stuff and have been getting a little collection together off Limewire thanks to the tracklisting…fav song title ‘Spooksville’,  my fav tunes from the show ‘The Devil hates you’ by Rebecca Lee and ‘The Legend of Sleepy hollow’ by The Monotones, was be bopping and do wap all the way down the M1. Help me though please as i cannot find online to buy, would love to own copies of either of these lil beauties, holler if you can lend a hand, or a link!

Next up was the unmistakable tones of Bob Dylan, WOW this show was fucking heavy with some fun facts about all the tracks he played.  Theme Time Radio Hour is so my kind of radio, i love back stories to tracks learning about the cause and effect is essential and Bob breaks it down like ony he could.  Was of course in the vain of ghouls and ghosts,  Lee Scratch Perry 3 tunes in ‘I put a Spell on you!!’ signed sealed and delivered this show as a classic. I swear if you have quiet night in on the way, i suggest drawing the curtains, dimming the lights and listening back at your leisure…..