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thats a lake, trust me

Skittles_kendal Kalling

There are not enough words that could accurately describe how much i buzz off Skittles, nay the whole Estate Crew, so just click pon the pic and watch the video innit :P

song writing….

Been quite quiet on the old blog front for a few weeks, my aplogies for anyone thats bothered. The reason for my absence has been down to being absorbed in song writing mode, its been emotional but so much fun locked in my front room with only an internet connection, garageband and a pen and pad! So many people have been sending me awesome backing tracks to work with and im well excited about getting them all finished and out there for you all to hear. The song writing process has also dragged up some absoulutely classic albums for inspiration, today im all over Thin Lizzy like a rash Jimmy The Weed, Randolphs Tango, Don’t Believe A Word, Whiskey in the Jar and this one Still In Love With You from the Live & Dangerous album, the guitar section is so beautiful im actually crying….

God please let me marry a guitar player x

Sun & Bass 2009 – Lynx & Kemo

Lynx & Kemo - Photo by Emma MArshall

Speaking to Lynx online last night he said he didn’t watch any videos of him or listen back to shows that have been recorded…i think this time bro you got to make an exception. (more…)

5yr old sings Folsom Prison Blues!

Wesley Sings Folsom Prison Blues

Meeting new people means seeing new things, the past weekend i definately did alot of the first and today catching up with them all im doin the latter. The fabulous Sera, from Shibuyas Rock Bar posted a lovely video about le weekend featuring 5yr old Wesley singing the Hokey Pokey, adorable…however i then found a host of mini guitar player videos which included little Wesley on guitar singing the Folsom Prison Blues! (more…)

I Blame Coco

i blame coco

This is Stings little girl, obviously she is very cool…but don’t let that put you off. (more…)

Song for the Day – Stewie Griffin

Those that know me are aware that the only way i will have a baby anytime soon is if i can get a guarantee it will be like Stewie Griffin (tell him to ‘sing a song’ lmao!) from Family Guy. Forget the fact he’ll be trying to kill me all the time, why are you bringing me down man?

‘and then we go back to my house!’ @ Jenna Ration G

Red Fang – Prehistoric Dog

I just found this at, dam Red Fang are pretty dope! Now I know its not very forward thinking of me but when i hear music like this played by scruffy men with big beards….i know i could be quite a happy woman, barefoot and pregnant up in the hills some where married to one, as long as he played a mean guitar!

NB. Why is it always the dude most likely to pull (off looks alone) that’s themost disgusting in a band, throwing up on the table…jus for the video or is that a regular thang… ugh!